Back online

I was offline (involuntarily) for two weeks due to problems with my ISP. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, we weren’t getting what we’re paying for to this company.  We would be happy to continue paying them every month if only the Internet connection worked. So yeah, after almost three years we already said goodbye to Ezecom. If only you gave serious attention to my {your subscribers} call or complaints…

Anyways, I’m back online now with a new ISP. For almost the same amount we used to pay to Ezecom, we get triple the speed from this new company. Apart from working online for my consultancy, I have blogs that need updating (luckily my web hosting site is very reliable) and needless to say, the speed, stability and reliability of an Internet connection is very much needed to do this – and which we weren’t getting from Ezecom. While it is too early to give a review of the new ISP, I can say that we have no trouble watching youtube videos and downloading files so far, no cut offs while downloading or watching vids in progress.

Now that I’m back online, it feels like I missed out on a lot of things. I was surprised at the feedback by some bloggers arising from the recent introduction of an online site requiring their bloggers to have a static IP. It doesn’t concern me much as, number one, this blog is not registered in that site; and number two, even if this were, I have a very good host who had the foresight of getting a dedicated server hosting as soon as the news of this came out. So, thanks for that!

Sana tuloy-tuloy na ang ligaya.

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