It’s been almost two years since I had my own self-hosted blog.  In the beginning, I thought that building my own self-hosted blog was a very complicated process, messy even for a non-techie person like me. I didn’t want to disrupt anything so I chose the easier way and depended on the hassle-free blogging services. Then my friends started having their own domain names. It was the cool thing to have, you know. Lol. So of course I jumped into the bandwagon not wanting to be called “un-cool” 🙂

Anyways, now, I am running three blogs on my own. Yes, three, and that’s not counting the ones hosted in WP. Do I look like a serial blogger to you? Bleh. I have an unlimited web hosting service. So far, so good. Never ran into major problems. Not yet, anyway. Apart from the help-desk, I have a fairy godblogger who has answers to my never-ending questions. She knows who she is.

So what is the point of this seemingly senseless post? Nothing, really. I just want to blabber… that I love the freedom, flexibility, and wide-ranging choices that go with self-hosted blogs.

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