Signs, signs: Deja brew

Earlier today I was scrambling to finish a report that had been put aside for many weeks now but – the heck – I just couldn’t finish it. I was mad at myself. The longer I stared at the monitor, the Bs and the Os started looking rather voluptuous and moving in rhythmical, slo-mo manner.

Before this optical illusion consumed me, I was jolted back to reality when one of Monmon’s minions* brought in a cup of Vietnamese espresso. The strong aroma awakened me from my morning echos-moment and got me craving for a cuppa,too. I don’t know why the sudden craving. The longer I look at Monmon’s coffee-cup filled with black liquid, the more sinister it got as if it was willing me to do something.

In my head I could almost here a voice crying – duuuude, where’s my bleeping coffee?

But I digress.
I didn’t get my coffee-fix. I got my Signs photo instead. But it’s still related to my rambling. Did you know that Cambodia’s café culture is booming?

Deja brew -
Deja brew: the feeling that you had this coffee before.

Love the sign! Very clever name for a coffee shop. If not for the ugly cable wires, I could’ve gotten a better shot.


* Aliases are used to protect my identity,lol.

Dress up, dress down

I have been looking at a lot of online shopping sites because since going back to work after a long time, most of my work clothes were either too small for me or too old to be worn again.

I admit that although I’m no stranger to online shopping as I’ve done several hauls in the past two years, I’m still a greenhorn compared to some people I know. *wink-wink*

dress first black princess scoop neck with ruffle lace prom dressWhen my brother was scheduled to get married last year, I browsed through loooots of online shops hoping to find the one dress to buy for the occasion, if not, just gather some style ideas. There were plenty, I tell you, and all of them were too hard to resist. DressFirst is one of the sites I visited (and bookmarked) and, I must admit, I just could not stop staring longingly at the beautiful wedding gowns and dresses there, particularly the fun styles and colours appropriate for special occasions.

How I wish online shopping was already thought of back when I was younger, it would have spared my mum of the stress that went with  finding nice Prom dresses for her daughters. I mean, just look at this dress… a floor-length A-line/Princess scoop-necked prom dress with ruffle lace. So elegant, so classic. Had I been so enthusiastic about dresses, I would’ve picked this one.

vava-voom red strappy shoes from dressfirst

And since I have posted here my choice for a Prom dress, let me continue with dressing up (virtually, that is) and hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not a fashion expert nor am trying to be one. I’m only posting this because the thought of online shopping for clothes this day and age has become more convenient as we have a lot of choices and sources.

So here’s what I like, still from the Dressfirst site – et voila! Va-va-voom, isn’t it? It’s a modern ballroom shoes in sparkling red leatherette glitter heels. The heels are not that high and pointed and I think I’ll survive a night of dancing and prancing with these gorgeous shoes on.

However, on normal days, I only get dressed up for work. And I actually don’t think about what others are going to think or say or react when fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes see me. Thank you for the kind attention but I don’t have time to stop by and answer your questions.

Sore throat be damned!

Taking a short break to relax my already tired eyes. Yesterday, I already felt a sore throat coming  when I woke up. I decided not to skip work because our mission is merely four days away and we still had to finish prepping medicines and other medical supplies stored at the warehouse.  The  changing weather certainly wasn’t helpful – one minute it’s hot and dusty, the next it’s cold and rainy – so the sore throat worsened afterwards.

khmer beverage tai krochma
I was afraid that the cold would go down to my chest so I brought several packets of throat lozenges with me to work today.  I hope of the lozenges would keep the virus at bay long enough for my immune system to get the upper hand.  And now I’m sat here on my work-desk sipping this surprisingly refreshing iced tai krochma that my officemate brought in. Needless to say, I’m enjoying this cold drink tremendously, cold, sore throat and stuffy head be damned.

Signs, signs: Monkey-bizniz

Just a quick post. Work is full on but I found a small gap to pause for this…

I pass by this street on my way home from work everyday and what I see in this mural is most definitely a welcome sight. Although it’s not the usual brightly-coloured like other graffiti arts, it still brightens up a bit this wall that is otherwise scruffy.

Monkey's writings on the wall.
Monkey’s writings on the wall.
The writings actually say “Don’t pee and poo in this area.”

I’m not a fan of graffiti if it is merely scrawlings sprayed on or stenciled on the wall. This one, I was told, had the writings on the wall long before someone had a great idea of turning it into a nice graffiti art by adding this cheeky-monkey. Now that is clever, in my opinion.

Although I heard that there is a new and growing urban art movement in the Penh, I haven’t actually seen a lot of that street art. I think Phnom Penh needs more of this, to add more colour to the urban landscape. But, of course, not just anywhere where it shouldn’t be.


Sreisaat, you are hired!

Dear blog,

Yes. I heard the magic words through a phone call from the director of an international NGO in Phnom Penh, just a few days before Jonathan Yabut did and became the first winner of The Apprentice Asia. Go, go Pinoy!

The last few days have been really busy and I have several blog posts that I want to get done (a few were on auto-post mode) but I haven’t had the time.

It’s not because I was procrastinating again. No, not that. I wonder how many of my friends thought of that — raise your hands!  Feeling sheepish now, tee-hee-hee. I know you know me for being a procrastinator but I’m happy to say “you’re all wrong!” this time! Lol.

So, after 100 years, I’m back to the working world. The past week – my first week at work – was an eye-opener. I was obviously trying to make a good impression while feeling jittery at the same time.  I thought that the hard part was over after I’ve bagged the job that I’ve been waiting for. I was wrong.  I was excited – yes – but I was a bundle of nerves during the first day, especially. I could only surmise the nervousness came from the long years of idleness that washed away my confidence and left me in self-doubt about my capabilities. I was afraid that I would be self-conscious and alone (having no friends yet), and incapable and confused (don’t know the system yet).

The first day went by and, as the week went on, I found myself getting to the ropes eventually. It also helped that the other staff were helpful and patient with me. My boss, a plastic surgeon, is a nice, cheery fellow who doesn’t breathe on my neck while the “new girl” was working. He was busy with his patients, anyway. Soon after, I was on my own proud at myself for catching up quickly.

I’m part of the worldwide workforce again. It feels good.

And so begins another chapter…

Here’s a slide that should give you a glimpse of my first week at work.

tuktuk ride in Phnom Penh
My daily ride to work.
tuktuk ride in Phnom Penh
Moderate morning traffic.
Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital grounds
That day I went to work very early...
This is what I see from my work desk.
Bento lunch box
Working lunch: breaded pork, steamed carrots and broccoli, and rice. My attempt at bento-lunch making.
Korean spicy pork
Working lunch: Korean spicy pork, tomatoes, and rice. My attempt at bento-lunch making.
election mob CNRP
That day I got trapped on the road for more than two hours on the last day of the election campaign period.

Dear blog

Hi. I’m back. I know it’s been a while since I last updated.
Gah, a whole month of absence. Actually more than a month of a gap in blogging. It’s crazy how quiet I was during this period when, in fact, so many things happened that I could not even think where to begin.

One of the reasons for my blogging absence is because I’m blogging more at my other blogs.I have a daily photo blog, a crafts blog, a postcard and stamps blog. On top of all these I’ve also began running an online shop, a new but exciting venture that I started late last year. I’m glad I have learned a bit about theme customizations so I’m doing them myself. But.Whew. Sleepless nights and aching backs and eyes. A few more weeks of these and I’m done! But wait, there’s a domain transfer to another registrant that’s next in my to-do list.

So, yes, you can say that I have quite a lot going on my plate nowadays. I want to be more productive this year than the last and so, all these stuff. When I am not doing all this online work, you can also find me carving rubber stamps or crocheting baby stuff for a new family member or flying kites outside Phnom Penh with my husband 🙂 Don’t be surprised if I’m going to a yoga class next month, or, ask you about Piano Teacher Los Angeles tutorials, if you happen to know one and recommend.

And oh, before I forget, I turn another year older at the end of this month. Yes, one year older. Wiser? I’m not sure but I hope so. It’s not my birthday yet but three toys arrived for me today. Thank you, to my thoughtful in-laws and friends for the early birthday pressie. You sure know how to make this birthday girl’s day!

I’m coughing up a lung, BRB!

In case you’re all wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to, I got pretty sick. I still am. My butt is getting kicked by this nasty, nasty cold virus and cough for three weeks now. And by the sound of it, it seems like I’m literally coughing up a lung. Even my dogs are scared every time I cough.

So, again, apologies for the absence of posts. To make it up to you, I want to share with you this cute postcard on the left that I found on the net showing things to do when you fall ill or get sick.

It’s no fun when you’re sick. Hopefully I can kick these bugs soon but until then, I’ll remember to cover my mouth when I cough and wash my hands afterwards, just as what my mum told me to. Here’s more:

chibird get well_thumb[2]

Source: Dazed Reflection