Dress up, dress down

I have been looking at a lot of online shopping sites because since going back to work after a long time, most of my work clothes were either too small for me or too old to be worn again.

I admit that although I’m no stranger to online shopping as I’ve done several hauls in the past two years, I’m still a greenhorn compared to some people I know. *wink-wink*

dress first black princess scoop neck with ruffle lace prom dressWhen my brother was scheduled to get married last year, I browsed through loooots of online shops hoping to find the one dress to buy for the occasion, if not, just gather some style ideas. There were plenty, I tell you, and all of them were too hard to resist. DressFirst is one of the sites I visited (and bookmarked) and, I must admit, I just could not stop staring longingly at the beautiful wedding gowns and dresses there, particularly the fun styles and colours appropriate for special occasions.

How I wish online shopping was already thought of back when I was younger, it would have spared my mum of the stress that went with  finding nice Prom dresses for her daughters. I mean, just look at this dress… a floor-length A-line/Princess scoop-necked prom dress with ruffle lace. So elegant, so classic. Had I been so enthusiastic about dresses, I would’ve picked this one.

vava-voom red strappy shoes from dressfirst

And since I have posted here my choice for a Prom dress, let me continue with dressing up (virtually, that is) and hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not a fashion expert nor am trying to be one. I’m only posting this because the thought of online shopping for clothes this day and age has become more convenient as we have a lot of choices and sources.

So here’s what I like, still from the Dressfirst site – et voila! Va-va-voom, isn’t it? It’s a modern ballroom shoes in sparkling red leatherette glitter heels. The heels are not that high and pointed and I think I’ll survive a night of dancing and prancing with these gorgeous shoes on.

However, on normal days, I only get dressed up for work. And I actually don’t think about what others are going to think or say or react when fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes see me. Thank you for the kind attention but I don’t have time to stop by and answer your questions.


It’s been almost two years since I had my own self-hosted blog.  In the beginning, I thought that building my own self-hosted blog was a very complicated process, messy even for a non-techie person like me. I didn’t want to disrupt anything so I chose the easier way and depended on the hassle-free blogging services. Then my friends started having their own domain names. It was the cool thing to have, you know. Lol. So of course I jumped into the bandwagon not wanting to be called “un-cool” 🙂

Anyways, now, I am running three blogs on my own. Yes, three, and that’s not counting the ones hosted in WP. Do I look like a serial blogger to you? Bleh. I have an unlimited web hosting service. So far, so good. Never ran into major problems. Not yet, anyway. Apart from the help-desk, I have a fairy godblogger who has answers to my never-ending questions. She knows who she is.

So what is the point of this seemingly senseless post? Nothing, really. I just want to blabber… that I love the freedom, flexibility, and wide-ranging choices that go with self-hosted blogs.

Win free fab goodies!

Hey, guys!I’ve been meaning to post this earlier but a lot of things happened along the way… but anyway…


Yes, you read that badge right!  Lots of goodies will be given away – no, not by me, but by my friend Girl on a Thrift-hunt.

What, you’re not convinced? Well, have a good look at these goodies and tell me you aren’t interested:

BE HAPPY giveaway promo

Now let me help you out. These goodies are custom-made items designed by the Girl on a Thrift-hunt herself. The lucky winner will receive – get ready for this –

  • (1)  large custom made ‘Be Happy’ canvass shopping bag – just perfect for those thrift shopping trips!
  • (1) custom made ‘Be Happy’ mini coin purse;
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  • (2) custom made ‘Be Happy’ heart fridge magnets

This giveaway contest is also open to international participants – so what are you waiting for? As long as you have a valid mailing address, you are in. All you have to do is check out Girl on a Thrift-hunt and find out how to join.
Hurry up! Deadline is on Aug 31!!!

Just sharing the excitement…

I was able to figure out on my own what’s wrong with the template and corrected the errors.  I should give myself credit for being persistent because I finally was able to make this template work! So now, as you can see, I’m using this template (pic, below right).

Beauty & Clean 2011-07-23 00-16-48_thumb[4][4]

I told you, I don’t give up that easily especially when I’ve set my eyes on something that catches my fancy. You see, the problem was with the sidebar… it won’t go to the side, instead, it stayed in the footer. I had a feeling that the solution lies on the size of the width as my pictures were bigger than what’s specified in the template codes so I asked the template author whether I should re-size the blog post width and sidebar as well as the pictures. But he didn’t exactly answer my question; he wrote that “even increasing the blog post width, it’s vain cos any problem in template excep you want to increase a big size” [sic].

I didn’t press him any further. What I did was use a temporary template and studied this template in a dummy blog to explore which parts I could tweak and/or change. Last night, already exasperated from tweaking and searching for another template, I decided, as my last ditch-effort, to just try resizing the pictures and the width of the post and sidebar. I was right – it felt like I had hit the jackpot! I should’ve trusted my instincts earlier. . Anyhoo, I’m just happy that this template is working  (the banner will come later) and that I appreciate the attention that was given to me by the template author.

Now  I could go back to regular blogging.

Still searching…

… it is clearly becoming a very long and frustrating search for the right template. It’s been weeks since I started revamping my blog and, up to now, no template has ever stepped up to the plate. Chos!

My search has led me to this one particular template (see previous posts). I was taken by its simplicity and elegance but, lo and behold, it didn’t work. No matter how many times I did what the the template author told me, the codes wouldn’t just work 🙁

What I want for a blog template is simple – a clean,  uncluttered template, preferably white.  I’m going for the minimalist, no-fuss look.  Any leads where I could get this kind of template? I’d appreciate any help.

Please bear with me for awhile, friends. You’ll still see me posting here, albeit the temporary template.  Meanwhile, I have to go now give another template I bookmarked last night a check up.

Must. Find. The. Bugs.

Not meant to be

This template, I mean:

Beauty & Clean 2011-07-23 00-16-48

Too bad the template author didn’t reply this time. I was taken by the simplicity and elegance of the template design and would have offered to donate some moolah to his paypal account for his  assistance but I haven’t heard from him since our online chat last Friday.

I’ve been putting off this for too long now it’s time to finally settle on a template (albeit temporarily) and resume blogging before my friends stopped coming here anymore. I guess some things are just not meant to be.

If the template author comes back and reads this, I want him to know that I am still open for talks.

UPDATE: Template author did reply and gave me instructions to trouble-shoot 😉

Burning the midnight oil

… trouble-shooting the errors in my new template.

As you can see the sidebar is not where it is supposed to be. I have tried the best I could – with my limited know-how – but all failed. As my last resort I emailed the guy behind dhetemplates, where I took this template from, and he responded promptly and very nicely.

Since 7pm, we were exchanging emails. I told him the problem and replied back on solutions. He was very kind to answer all my questions and offer solutions but up to now, past 12am, we still could not figure it out. As you can see, this template called Beauty and Clean, is a beautiful WordPress theme that the genius behind dhetemplates converted to Blogger.  Here’s a screenshot of the template:

Beauty & Clean 2011-07-23 00-16-48

It is clean, simple, and easy on the eyes so now you understand why I won’t give this template up that easily. No guts, no glory. ngyahahaha.

So since it is already past bedtime, we both agreed to continue trouble-shooting tomorrow. Very nice kid, you are. Terima kasih!

Gold Rush in my blog

yoda page rank I was checking out my page rank earlier today and was very happy to find out that this blog’s rank is back again after two years or so. Even though it is a rank lower than this blog had previously, I’m still grateful for its return. Thanks to Manong Gugel.

While I was looking at the analytics, I was surprised to see a surge in my traffic coming from searches for gold coins. While it is a welcome traffic (keep it coming, guys! heheeh) I’m not sure if they find any gold or posts about gold here.

Why the sudden search for gold, I wonder?  Perhaps it’s my post years ago about how my landlord and his wife were presented with gold as an engagement gift to their daughter on her engagement day. I didn’t see the actual gold though, sorry. In Cambodia, people prefers to invest more on gold. I learned from my landlord that after the Khmer Rouge was ousted in the country in 1979, there was no money as the Cambodian bank notes were abolished during the KR regime. Gold was their means of survival, they exchanged gold for rice and other goods. I didn’t ask if they had gold bars or gold nuggets though.

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend.

Image Source

Still testing the templates

My eyes are going to fall off any minute now. I’ve been tweaking codes since this morning but this is proving to be a more challenging task than I previously thought.

I have two templates installed in dummy blogs but I can’t seem to get things right. Hmm, what to do? These are my choice templates for this blog, tell me what you think:

On The Go « Live Preview Java Templates 2011-06-23 14-30-26

The above template is actually a premium theme for WordPress but some genius hacked and converted it into a Blogger template. I looooove this template, and a friend is also using this… hmmm…

Bueno Another Blogger Template 2011-06-23 14-28-48

And this one above I am currently using in my postcards blog but I can use and change to a different colour theme and make changes to fit my preference. What I love about this is that it’s simple, clean, easy on the eyes, and easily customisable unlike the one above. Even though I am drawn towards the first template, I think I’m going to go for this one, for now. What do you think?

I’ll give it a rest for now…
In other news, my childhood BFF (that’s bestfriend forever) Adonna (the same BFF I mentioned in the previous post) and I recently got in touch over Facebook after 30 long years! We were in the first grade when my family moved back to the province. We kept in touch through letters, but then it didn’t last long. Imagine the joy we felt when we found each other after three decades! She is now based in Canada, working as a nurse. It feels so surreal chatting with her. We made a half-joking, half-serious promise to see each other in London in 2012, if not in New York.  We don’t know if the plan would ever be realised  but, both of us being sports fans (hello, Rafael Nadal!), watching games live is one of things we would do. Oh, how I wish it would be this simple. I hope I’d win the lotto to be able to fly and meet her half-way!