Signs, signs: Loom bands craze

As you might have noticed, it has been more than three months since I last posted. I’ve also not been reading blogs – just because I feel so meh. You can also say that I’m trying to find out – like an experiment of sorts – what it is like to be (almost) blog-free. Something like that.

I actually found out that I missed blogging. And reading other bloggers’ posts. So now that I basically have some free time, I can actually return to blogging *crossingmyfingers* and be transported again to other virtual worlds.

So let me come back with a recent anecdote involving my soon-to-be-six-years-old niece, Chappy.

A must-have accessory these days, this I learned from my six-year old niece, Chappy.
A must-have accessory these days, this I learned from my six-year old niece, Chappy.

Two weeks ago, Chappy sent me this cute present – a bracelet made up of tiny rubber bands that she made herself.  I appreciate her interest in handmade stuff and sent a message to her through my sister’s FB to thank her for the lovely rubber band bracelet. Chappy promptly corrected me – this is called a rainbow loom band bracelet, not a rubber band bracelet. I feel so old. These loom bands looked the same as the rubber bands I played with in the 80s. I find nothing fancy with these loom bands but it’s probably just the old me. Apparently, this is the hottest toy in the planet these days!

My sister told me she is so seriously into it that she asked her dad to buy her more loom band kits. She spends a lot of time making bracelets that she told her dad she is starting her “bizniz”. And one morning, everyone at home were surprised to see these signs she made herself and asked Grandpa, my dad, to post on our wall. I think these handmade signs deserve a post for this week’s Signs, signs meme 😛

I think these loom bands are great for children for these not  only allow them to be creative but also give them something fun and worthwhile to do (making things) for hours while mums or dads are busy over something. In the Philippines where it is now the rainy season, the loom bands will keep them busy.


Thank you, Google!

… for this lovely doodle.
And to those who remembered,  thank you.

The whole gang went Mexican tonight. Except for the missing piñata, el mariachi, and sombreros, it was almost like a real Mexican birthday feast. We had quesadillas, tacos, burritos, nachos, and fajitas. There were beers (they cannot be avoided) and, of course, frozen margaritas for the señorita!

Too bad Maymo’s battery, my lovely tablet that was sent to me by my in-laws for my birthday, ran out before the fiesta even began. There were no pictures to remember tonight, but my ever-so-wise husband said it all… that tonight’s celebration is remembered best in our hearts.

Photo Hunt 075: Stuck and Sports

Today our themes for PhotoHunt are “stuck” and “sports”. Luckily, I managed to find photos that fit these themes. These were taken some three years ago when I surprised my husband on his birthday with a half-day ATV-riding adventure in the countryside.

Here is the birthday boy smiling triumphantly after crossing the old rickety bridge behind him.

Oops, a little trouble here. Crossing the small canal proved to be tricky – the wheels got stuck in the sticky mud and my husband needed help to get him out.

So here’s what we saw. The charming village… the friendly faces… the paddy fields… and the palm trees that dominate the landscape.

Notice the holes on the tree trunk? Our guide said those are bullet holes from KR era.
The Pajero of the countryside.
Verdant paddy ricefields as far as the eyes can see.

ATV-riding is one of the outdoor sports I was so keen at trying for the longest time– and when I finally did, I was not disappointed. I loved it! I haven’t driven a motorcycle in my life but the ATV bikes were easy to drive 🙂 Some parts of the terrain were wet and muddy from the previous night’s rain so I ended up dirty – but that’s just part of the F-U-N!

This is just an hour into the adventure and I was already caked in mud. How fun!

It was an exciting adventure. There is no better way to enjoy and discover the charm of rural Cambodia, the other side of the country that not many tourists, or even expat residents, get to see. Highly recommended!

For more photos involving “stuck” and “sports”, please click the logos below 🙂


Happy birthday, Joshua!

Six years ago, everyone in the household in Roxas City was frantic, rushing around in preparation for your arrival… of course, I had to come home, too, albeit 5months later, just to see you!


At 5months, you were already an epitome of little boy charm and cuteness. You were the first apo (grandchild) in the family, and every one fell in love with you. Grandma would rush to check on you the moment she heard something. Grandpa beamed with pride when you showed him your toothless smile. Tito Bigg and Tito Jeck forgot about their barkadas after work and school to rush home just to play with you or see you before you sleep. I spent my short holiday looking after you so that Mamagirl could have some time for herself. It was a special moment for me having seen you, and held you in my arms, even only for a short time.

Time flew so fast… from being the family’s Superboy…

I remember your Mamagirl telling me how you refused to take off your Superboy costume!
I remember your Mamagirl telling me how you refused to take off your Superboy costume!

… to your current favourite, the flamboyant adventurer/explorer Junior Indiana Jones…

Junior Indiana Jones2
You look so much like a young Indiana Jones, perhaps even better! All you need is a hat and a whip 🙂

The whole world is yours and the possibilities are endless. Whatever you want to be when you grow up, we will support you. My heart breaks a little every time I see you on the webcam, waving at me, and when I hear you reciting your favourite Bible verses. I miss you and, hopefully, Tito Crab and I will see you all soon! *hugs and kisses*

Happy birthday! May you grow up to be healthy, happy, and full of love.



Happiness is contagious

This came in the mail today and it definitely brightened our day:

Mice in the roof! Tee-hee-hee.
Mice in the roof! Tee-hee-hee.

Looks like they’re having fun with their grandpa and grandma back in England. It’s also good to see that Mum and Dad have younger company at home, to keep them busy. Hello there, P and B! You are both growing fast I want to pinch your rosy cheeks now, if only I could! hehehe. You know me, I easily get goo-goo eyes when it comes to kids.

Looking at the kids’ happy faces above makes me happy and energized to write this post. I know I have been quiet these days and have not been writing proper blog posts but I hope the pictures I posted previously made up for my silence.

So what was I up to?
Not much really. I was glued to the television set watching Rafael Nadal’s matches at the Wimbledon. For the whole duration I was losing sleep over tennis. Prior to the Wimbly, there was the ATP Masters tournaments in Monaco and Madrid and the Roland Garros in Paris. Imagine that. But all the sleepless nights and panda-eyes were worth it because Rafa won all of these tournaments! Call me crazy if you must but yes, I am a fan-girl no doubt. Big, big thanks to the husband who’s really been understanding and great about my Rafa issues! :* Special shout out also to my dear partner-in-crime, Ana from Skopje, Macedonia. Despite our distance and time difference, we never failed to share the joys and pains and excitement of Rafa’s tennis matches, thanks to the Internet. Communication technology is amazing, isn’t it? Someday, Ana, together we’ll watch Rafa play… whether in the grass court of Wimbledon or in the clay court of Roland Garros 🙂

Now that the Wimbly is over, what to do?
The US Open is but still months away. I’ll probably go back to regular blogging *fingers crossed*  And, oh, I will pick up where I’d left my crochet project at Sreisaat Crafts and update my postcards and stamps collection at Postcards Crossing.

Oh, did I mention already that R and I are dieting, again? 😛

Happy Mother’s Day!

I just want to greet everyone a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


I wish my husband had said these words today, but alas, he is English and they celebrate it on the fourth Sunday of the Lent…  which means, it already passed.

Seriously now…

I want to paraphrase the words of my friend regarding the act of mothering in the current context.

Mothering is not exclusive to mothers anymore in today’s context. These days it extends broadly to women and men, gays and lesbians, who have taken on the challenge of  rearing children in whatever circumstances. It is no easy feat mothering children so today is their day on the pedestal, but everyday their contribution to nurturing human life will always be in our hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama and Papa. I salute you both for sharing this role all through these years, down to your grandchildren. Thank you for being our giving tree and I pray that the Lord up there that He will not take away His eyes off the two of you. I love you and miss you both terribly.

To my Mum and Dad-in-Law, we may have not met yet but I am thankful for the wonderful son you have brought up. I hope some day I might be able to thank you personally and give you both a loving hug.

To my sister who is in far, far away Kenya… I know how difficult it is for you to be away from your son and husband but just keep on keeping on.

Happy Mother’s Day, again, everyone.