Sleeping Red

I just want to share these photos for this week’s Photo Hunt before going to bed.

First is of my dog, Red. I caught him sleeping soundly again, with his head resting on the front wheel of yobo’s bicycle, oblivious to the hustle and bustle around him.

Sleep tight, little one.
Sleep tight, little one.

He is already nine months old and is a carbon copy of his father, Joe. I sometimes mistake him as Joe. Red can be demanding at times – demanding a scratch, demanding play but he also knows what NO means. I hope he won’t have any serious illness just like what Max and Joe had when they were puppies. Veterinary treatment and care in Cambodia is expensive and antibiotics like posatex otic are not readily available. Keeping a pet (in our case, pets) is a big responsibility and we want to provide our dogs the best care and happy environment as much as we can.

The second is a photo of motorbikes. Yobo (da husband) and I went window-shopping for motobikes along Sihanouk Boulevard. There were so many – new ones, secondhand ones. Big bikes, small bikes; big wheels, small wheels. Name it, you’ll find it there. Not a fan of motorbikes myself but my husband is.

A long stretch of motorbike shops can be found  in Sihanouk Boulevard.
A long stretch of motorbike shops can be found in Sihanouk Boulevard.


Hello, September!

September rrrrrolls in and my dogs are like "ho-humm".
September rrrrrolls in and my dogs are not thrilled. Ho-humm.

I can hardly believe it is September already. This year surely flies so fast. I remember when I was younger, my mum used to say “wait till you get to my age, time will fly”. Indeed, it has. Now I’m not sure if this is because we are always busy doing something round-the-clock or, as my Grandma feared, time is really running faster than ever. I don’t know, really.

On the upside though is that I’m back on the web. How awesome it would be if, with me now owning my time, I could update my blog, make lots of crafts and bake cookies and cupcakes, but these didn’t happen as well, haha. Instead, I’m catching up on books and watching TV series online. My inner geek has come out, I realised! I just finished the first season of Penny Dreadful, and the first three seasons of American Horror Story. I’m so hooked and I can’t wait for the coming season 4 of American Horror Story. So who isn’t? With lots of new characters and twisted plots in the works, I could not stop thinking about it! There are also other series that I started watching like Grimm, The Strain, Sherlock, Vikings, among others. Too many, so little time! I also finished 2 seasons of Game of Thrones but decided to discontinue watching because I want to read G.R.R.Martin’s series of books (A Song of Ice and Fire) first before proceeding to the following GOT seasons. So I’m on the lookout for that one, a secondhand copy would be nice.

Anyways, I’m babbling once again so please excuse. It’s been a nice day so far today and very nice to put up a post again. Till next.

Photo Hunt 072: CAN

We have two dogs at home and they are fun and wonderful companions. We love them to bits! Max and Joe keep each other company when my husband and I are at work. They get along most of the time – they play, they guard the house against C-A-T-S and other unfamiliar faces, and most of all, they get into mischiefs together!

So here’s a photo I took of them two years ago. I remember being really mad at them when, coming home from work, I saw my favourite Chuck Taylor shoes being chewed apart by my canine companions. I instantly meted out a two-hour “detention” for them outside the house.

CAN we come in nao, pleeeeeeeze, Mum?
CAN we come in nao, pleeeeeeeze, Mum?

But only after about five minutes into detention, I heard a frantic scratching at the door. I checked what was going on and these two “remorseful faces” were staring back at me.

Do these faces look remorseful?
Do these faces look remorseful?

I easily fell into the trap, lol. But something did tell me that these dogs thought my shoes were well worth all the trouble!


Photo Hunt 068: Sunbathing diva

Time for another comeback at Photo Hunt! Here’s my entry this week.

My dog is a sun-worshipper!

My Dogspot, a blog about my pet dogs, Max and Joe.
This photo originally appeared on My Dogspot, a blog about my pet dogs, Max and Joe.

When not sulking or moping in one corner of the house, you can find Max out there in our veranda, quietly enjoying the sun and the breeze. She is turning six this year. Every morning, I pick up heaps of her fluff from the floor. Brushing time with her also yields lots of fluffs that I can already make a small pillow out of them. I kid you not. If she’s not fluffy then I don’t know what is 😛


Photo Hunt #66: Waiting game

This little bugger, Joe, loves to play all the time, especially with my husband. He loves chasing and retrieving the ball. At around 5pm, almost everyday, when Joe hears the sound of our car, he immediately fetches his ball from where he left it last.

Photo taken by my younger brother, and originally posted in My Dogspot.
Photo taken by my younger brother, and originally posted in My Dogspot.

Then and positions himself by the door, and lay there, with the ball in front of him, patiently waiting for my husband to come in.



Photo Hunt #64: This is so WRONG

Dogs can be pretty stubborn sometimes.
Here’s Joe caught red-handed with a piece of our dinner in his mouth. A standoff ensued between him and my husband, naturally. For about 15minutes, they stared at each other like that. Joe simply wouldn’t let go of that pork chop.

Love the obstinate look on Joe’s face while R is giving him a “lecture”.
Love the obstinate look on Joe’s face while R is giving him a “lecture”.

Joe eventually gave in. After a tiny pool of drool formed on the floor, he finally gave up and dropped the slab of meat on R’s waiting hand. Ahhh,  all part of growing up, I guess. Hope he learned his lesson though and won’t turn his attention to that shoe in front of him.

N.B: Originally posted in Max and Joe’s blog, My Dogspot.


Photo Hunt 055: Shadow

I could not believe that 15 days have rolled by so quickly without me noticing it! 15 days, can you believe it!?!

I was holding on dearly to 2010, wishing there’d be extra days for me to finish some unfinished business. But 2011 did come and I’m still clueless.

Anyways, I’m creeping in again into the blogging groove. I’m actually pretty busy but with my other blogs. I felt a little guilty for neglecting this one, my original blog, and so I’m going to jumpstart again through Photo Hunt. It’s one of my favourite photo memes in the blogosphere and I sure keep on coming back whenever I can.

This week’s theme is shadow. Interesting, as this could be interpreted literally or figuratively. I think this photo contains both:

Don't worry, mum. I'm backing you up!
Don’t worry, mum. I’m backing you up!

That’s me supporting the ladder while my  husband was fixing our faulty lights.  You can see shadows there, from my the ladder and from my husband’s knee. Also, you see my “shadow”, Joe. He is such a sweet and excitable dog and follows me everywhere I go; not only because  I am the “food lady” in the house, but he just seems to be so attached to me more than he is to my husband. So when he saw me holding the ladder, for some reason, he also followed behind, stood on his hind legs and stretched his front legs and paws to support me. Sweet.


What dogs do when their human is not around…

I should be posting this to my pet blog but whaddaheck – this is too funny not to be shared here.
Made my day, really. You have to see this YouTube video to believe… Actually, there is nothing scary about this video – unless you are the pillow! *lol*

Dimly lit bedroom + water-bed+Marvin Gaye background music=Paranormal Dogtivity

What do you expect? That the dog is claiming the pillow for himself? *lol*
I’m still haunted by the memory of my Joe leaving a mound of his you-know-what in our guest-room, then occupied by our guests Isi and Zaida. But that’s a different story. I’m so glad we don’t own a water-bed and we don’t allow Max and Joe on our  bed. It’s a no-zone for them, a restriction they have learned to obey, otherwise, I’d be forever plagued with the urge to change bed-sheets and pillow cases.