Crafting with Sreisaat has a new home!

Yes indeed!
After a deliberation I decided to consolidate my blogs into one. Being a serial blogger, I am finding my main blog is taking much of my time and because of this my other blogs, including Crafting with Sreisaat, were relegated to the backseat. I think consolidating will make blogging easier for me and for you, my friends, to just visit one blog.

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I am quite happy that and .org offers a hassle-free export-import tools that I was able to migrate the contents in just a few minutes. AUTOMATICALLY. And that includes ALL my posts, pages, comments, photos and other uploaded media. Too bad I could not take with me those who are following Crafting with Sreisaat. Sorry friends, but please follow me again, this time in this new domain name, and I’ll follow back. *Update: I found out later today that some pictures in my posts were missing, especially those which are in gallery format using sliders. I wonder where the pictures have gone?

Please check out my newly-transferred posts under the Crafting with Sreisaat category. You might find something you like there — mostly crochet items and a few sewing and paper craft stuff here and there. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or any other inquiry regarding my crafts. Oh, and don’t forget to follow my blog with Bloglovin!

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