Hitting the Big 30 (Part 2)

I can’t believe it just happened.

Suddenly, I’m 30.

Yeah, boring. Nothing exciting happened to me in the last 30 years. I wonder why. perhaps when God was giving out excitement, I was sleeping again. What a bummer. Anyways, even if I’m still single at 30, I’m perfectly healthy and I’m blessed with a job that I really like. And just like Jessica Zafra’s sentiments, it is so effing unbelievable that pimples still erupt on my face!

Seriously, looking back at my 30 years, I must say that life is not that bad. Not terrible, but okay. There are more stones to unturn, places to go to, things to explore, adventures to experience and – most of all – people to meet. Although I have experienced both highs and (more) lows, I embrace them, learn from them, and take them as my training in preparation for what the future has in store for me.

This year, I am entering a new milestone in my life. As I brave the new decade of my life, I am borrowing Jessica Zafra’s driving force: BE ALL YOU CAN BE, REINVENT YOURSELF, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, FORGET ABOUT THE PAST AND LOOK TO THE FUTURE. Amen, sister.

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