I’m here…

… crawling back into the blogosphere again.

I was actually busy blogging in my other blogs. Obviously this blog was neglected and needing a major blog-CPR. I’ll do my best to resuscitate this once again – just as what I did with my photo blog Inside Cambodia. Let me begin by posting a photo of one of my pet dogs, Joe.

Joe as... errmm, Arf-punzel! *lol* He is actually waiting for his turn to be walked.
Joe as… errmm, Arf-punzel! *lol* He is actually waiting for his turn to be walked.

This was actually posted to my photo blog. So far, I’m doing okay in terms of my Project 365 after learning how to be organised and systematic from – who else – my husband. No, he didn’t sit down with me and give lectures and assignments. I just learned vicariously. I actually started this project last year but couldn’t cope with posting one photo a day (yeah, tamad talaga ako!). This year though I am determined to be off my butt more often, to be more productive and so I’m making efforts to shake off procrastination and my manana habit to complete whatever project I undertake this year!

So come back often and you will see more of Sreisaat from now on.

5 thoughts on “I’m here…”

  1. Ang galing mo nga. Consistent ka with your photo blog. Sana ako rin, I can post everyday. I am trying hard kaso ang hirap talaga. Yung collaborative blog nga natin wala pa ako mai-contribute lol

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