Juice Mio!

Living in Cambodia for a long time now makes me get used to signs that are funny, or, are not intending to be funny but because of the outrageous word combination (i.e., translations or context) it takes on another meaning (humorous) or no meaning at all. Long ago, I posted pictures of funny signs most of which I saw in my frequent trips to the countryside. This time, I am posting something that I found in a Chinese restaurant’s menu right here in Phnom Penh. Juice with fancy (funny) names available at one of the Chinese restaurants (forgot the name) near Hun Sen park. It’s located just between the Java Cafe and the Ministry of Environment and it’s got a large sign in Chinese and in Khmer languages.

Stepping inside, there is nothing much except rows of tables and chairs. It’s as basic as you can get and the place is clean, too. But do not be fooled by the not-so-fantastic interior of the restaurant. Some of the dishes may be oily, as most Chinese food are, but they are lip-smacking tasty and cheap. I didn’t have trouble ordering my meal but it’s quite — err, interesting (even challenging!). Then when I pored over the Keep in Good Health Fruit Juice list it got me into serious thinking…

Have a look:


Bongga di ba? Fancy names…

Since it was really hot that day, so I ordered myself this:

Can you guess what I ordered??

No, not the Relieve summer heat the plum juice. No luck. They have no plum in stock.

I wanted to ask for a glass of Keep like good health the turnip juice but then changed my mind. Singkamas juice ba ito? Eew.

So in the end, I settled for the cool water melon juice!

Boring ba? In fairness naman, the cool water melon juice is refreshing. I was told that the list I showed (pic) is not complete. There’s a page two so next time I go there, I’ll take a photo of it. I wonder what else is there 🙂

How about you, what’s your choice?

If you are in PP and looking for a good Chinese restaurant, this is the place. Punta kayo dun, promise, di lang kayo mabubusog, maaaliw pa kayo.

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11 thoughts on “Juice Mio!

  1. hahaha. ok tong restaurant na to ah… very poetic yata ang menu… nagprang haiku tuloy! yung phoenix pear juice ang gusto kong i-try… baka talagang may ibong uma-apoy na naka garnish yan!

    most chinese restaurants here in siem reap only put photos on the menu, pero this is definitely a gem in its own!

  2. mwahaha aliw!lol

    mayroon din ka aliw na Resto sa Istanbul na TH mag english o yung translator,kung sino man sya sarap ipagawa ng statue,hehe may iba naman wrong grammar at spelling.Pero in fairness ha manay tulad din jan sa Resto na yan,masasarap din mga pag kain:)

    Have a nice week mamuah!


  3. Hi DLo, yes you should visit Asia soon. Cambodia is where I am currently and it is home to Angkor Wat temples – include it in your visit-list 🙂

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