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I was able to figure out on my own what’s wrong with the template and corrected the errors.  I should give myself credit for being persistent because I finally was able to make this template work! So now, as you can see, I’m using this template (pic, below right).

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I told you, I don’t give up that easily especially when I’ve set my eyes on something that catches my fancy. You see, the problem was with the sidebar… it won’t go to the side, instead, it stayed in the footer. I had a feeling that the solution lies on the size of the width as my pictures were bigger than what’s specified in the template codes so I asked the template author whether I should re-size the blog post width and sidebar as well as the pictures. But he didn’t exactly answer my question; he wrote that “even increasing the blog post width, it’s vain cos any problem in template excep you want to increase a big size” [sic].

I didn’t press him any further. What I did was use a temporary template and studied this template in a dummy blog to explore which parts I could tweak and/or change. Last night, already exasperated from tweaking and searching for another template, I decided, as my last ditch-effort, to just try resizing the pictures and the width of the post and sidebar. I was right – it felt like I had hit the jackpot! I should’ve trusted my instincts earlier. . Anyhoo, I’m just happy that this template is working  (the banner will come later) and that I appreciate the attention that was given to me by the template author.

Now  I could go back to regular blogging.

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  1. @Photo Cache, I really like the template so I didn’t give up easily! Thanks, hopefully I could now blog regularly.

    @Lauren, I like it very much, too 😀 It’s a free template. Go check the site at the footer if you’re interested in it, too.

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