My quiet life

Hello, world!
Yes, I’m back again ūüėõ

I’ve been very quiet here lately, like blah.¬†¬†I’ve been meaning to write an update for the longest time now but never got to it. I don’t really have a very good excuse to offer either. I’ve just been pre-occupied and haven’t got enough energy and mojo to write anything. I’ll get around to it, eventually.

I’ve been popping on Twitter once in a while, sort of… to post a few photos, check a few important people that I follow (lol), engage in a convo once in a while but otherwise I’ve been quiet.

I enjoyed the peace¬†and turned my focus to calligraphy, practicing my strokes and swirls. So far, I’m making progress. Can you see? ūüôā

modern calligraphy style
This is definitely not Copperplate! I only used the guideline sheet to practice this particular (modern) calligraphy style.
oblique pen
It looks like a magic wand, doesn’t it?

You are looking at my brand new pen, by the way, bought from¬†a¬†master turner from the USA for a very good price. My creative side (ahem) thinks I’ve shown massive progress so I decided to put away my Speedball pen and reward myself with this beauty. A real pen – a turned Brazilian rosewood fitted for my Nikko G nib. It can also fit my other nibs such as Esterbrook 355, Hunt 56 and 22, as well as my Hiro 40.

In other news side, the holiday¬†chachita bells have started ringing again in the Kingdom! It’s the Water Festival next week! This means no work for three days (usually extending to one week) and it’s a good excuse for most expats like us to go out of town and chill. And yeah, escape the chaos. It was reported though that the annual crowd-magnet boat-racing competition is cancelled¬†this year¬†but a large number of people coming from the nearby towns are still expected to arrive in the capital to join in the city-wide partying.

Anyhoo,¬†like any other expats, my husband and I¬†haven’t planned anything yet. A month ago we said we’d go to Kampot, but it looks like yobo has a change of heart. Let’s see which way the wind blows this weekend.


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