My week

What a whirlwind week it was!
Here are a few of my favourite photos taken last week.

I prepared coconut macaroons for my good friend’s son’s birthday party. I was a bit nervous so I practiced, hah. Yobo assured me that the macaroons tasted good. The only comment he had was he preferred the golden brown with uneven lumps rather than the “prettified” version. How about you? The party was held at Nham Cafe last Sunday. It was a small gathering of the family, close friends and relatives.

Summer is nearly over and yet I can still see lots of durian and rambutan in the market. The durian fruits came from Kampot – which is arguably the best in Cambodia – sweet, sticky and creamy. You can’t miss them, just follow the scent and your nose will take you to the right spot.

Highlights of last week.
Highlights of last week.


Red Dog recently turned a year old! He’s been such a source of joy not only to us but to the two older dogs, Joe and especially Max. Red’s energy and playfulness spread to these two.
The three of them always find a spot close to me when I’m practicing calligraphy in the veranda. I started practicing Copperplate this month and it’s really very challenging. I can’t seem to get the strokes right — the Bs, Ps, and Rs are particularly tricky. To help me with the techniques, I’m watching video tutorials on YouTube. I sent out postcards last week, one of them you see above went to Peru. It’s my first postcard to Peru and I’m very excited that it’s another country off my list. I also got to practice modern calligraphy when writing the postcard.

That little boy on the lower left side is my nephew, Ryder. He’ll be turning two years old next week and he loves playing with his (plastic) tools. ┬áHe pretends to be carpenter, a plumber, an all-around handyman. He proudly tells anyone who listens that he is Ryder the Builder. Oh, he could be that and more when he grows up! I can’t wait to see him soon!

Food! That’s how weekend meals look like in our household.
How was your weekend?

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