Photo-hunt #38: Furry

Years ago I was assigned to the coastal town of Kep. My only means to go to the different villages was a motorbike. Since I could not drive a motorbike, my husband gladly took on the role as my driver. Rain or shine, we traveled to 11 villages with our furry little pet, Max.

PH furry max

She huddled behind my husband when it rained, and put her nose in the breeze when it’s sunny. Villagers found Max highly amusing (she has the color of a monkey), tame, and approachable. She was a good ice-breaker wherever we went. We came home one afternoon and saw a mob of schoolchildren trying to coax a monkey out of an isolated roadside tree. The monkey looked terrified, and so did Max when the crowd turned to look at her. She’s a “monkey-colored” dog. My husband and I laughed when she gave us an alarmed glance as if to say “please hit the gas!”.

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  1. he’s so cute, at mukhang he enjoy the ride too.thanks for stopping by, and re:postcrossing, i just send 3 more today ,my first 2 recipients was happy to recieved my postcard. 🙂

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