Photo-hunt #39: Bridge

PH Bridge - Panay Bridge
Panay Bridge
Roxas City, Capiz

Panay Bridge is one of the enduring landmarks in my hometown of Roxas City. It was built in 1910 but despite the long years and the many typhoons that hit the city, the bridge remains standing and as strong as ever. The bridge connects the main streets to the city’s commercial area and the gateway to most of the municipalities of Capiz province.

*NB. I was told that the bridge is now known as the Roxas City Bridge.

9 thoughts on “Photo-hunt #39: Bridge

  1. nadadaanan ba ang tulay na iyan kapag galing ng Aklan papuntang Ilo-Ilo, kung oo, malamang eh napadaan na ako diyan, taga Roxas ka pala, ako naman eh taga Aklan, doon pinanganak pero lumaki sa Manila, then my relative lang sa IloIlo.
    ang ganda ng pagkalitrato mo ah.

  2. Talaga, Ging?
    Mabuti naman at nakadaan ka sa amin… kasama mo ba si Connie? Hehehe.

    Fickle-minded, ay abaw a! Kaingod ka man lang gali! From Aklan, you do not pass to Roxas to go to Iloilo. I think you have a shorter route somewhere.

    Jams, Storyteller, and Carolina Victory, the bridge and the whole stretch of the river comes to life especially in December when the whole city celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. House-owners put up decorative lights and lanterns, and flowers for fluvial processions. Along the river are old houses and buildings with Spanish architectures and on good days, walking along that area gives you a feeling of Spanish colonial days… sadly, most of the old buildings are torn day to make modern buildings.

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