Photo Hunt #47: Tasty triangles


Hey, what's that triangle thing-y doing in my pizza?
Hey, what’s that triangle thing-y doing in my pizza?

Because I was too lazy to haul my pampered behind off the sofa to get our dinner going, I broke our dieting regimen the other night by ordering this super-deluxe extreme pan pizza with sausage bites and extra cheese. We hadn’t had pizza for a looong time and I thought, waddaheck, having pizza once in a while won’t really hurt us. Delivered within the promised 30 minutes and the delivery boy left with a generous tip and a wide grin on his face.

And on days when I am in the mood for cooking, I can whip up my own version of chicken samosa from scratch. Don’t you just love this savoury triangles?

PH taste of triangle samosa

Okay, I still suck when it comes to wrapping the samosas but at least I got the right taste. Very much like the ones we order at our favourite Indian restaurant. Let’s take a look at what’s inside this tasty triangular turnover:

PH taste of triangle samosa 2

A crispy crust and an irresistibly fragrant with spiced stuffing – potatoes, green peas, ground chicken meat, cumin, cloves, coriander, and many others. I can never get enough of samosas!

15 thoughts on “Photo Hunt #47: Tasty triangles

  1. the samosa’s look great. I tried making them once but mine didn’t turn out into triangle shapes – but they still tasted great.

  2. I think your samosas look better than the pizza! In Tanzania (where I lived for a couple of years), people like to bite a bit off a samosa, then squeeze lime into the filling. Have you tried doing this too? Makes it taste all the better! 🙂

  3. I love samosas! the frozen skin is a must have in my freezer, as they are very versatile, I can wrap anything in it! Just yesterday I had sardines wrapped in them and deep fried. It’s rolled and not triangle shaped.

  4. Your samosa look like the ones my Indian friends make and taught me. You must be a very good cook.

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