Photo Hunt: Lazy

These are the hard-working carabaos, aka, water buffaloes, lazing in the muddy part of a ricefield in rural Cambodia. They are endemic to Southeast Asia.

carabaos water buffalloes
On my way to work, this is one of the views that greet me everyday. Cows and carabaos are important draught animals in Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Funny how I used “hard-working” and “laz(y)ing” in one sentence. I guess when they’re not at work or when they’re done with their work, they deserve to laze around and enjoy a mud spa of sorts 😉

These beasts are a farmer’s bestfriend, especially in the Philippines. Here in Cambodia, farmers use cows more than carabaos, but I digress.

They are very useful in the farm, ploughing the fields. Farmers rely on the carabao’s slow but hard work to get the job of ploughing the fields done. Not only that, carabaos are also used as modes of transportation (riding on their backs or pulling carts laden with people and stuff). Carabao milk is also highly-sought to make cheese (kesong puti), yummy sweets and desserts.


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