Power cuts in the Penh

Holy cow! I’ve never posted anything lately…
Guys, guys, I’m back again. I’d planned of writing a proper blog post but my brains cells are not cooperative these days. This post will do for now. So what’s up in the Penh? Let me tell you then…

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*We have daily power cuts,  ranging from 3-4 hours and alternating mornings and afternoons. As if not enough, we still have an hour or two more in the evenings 2-4 times a week. Just today, before the clock struck 7.30 in the morning, the whole neighbourhood was without electricity!  We are currently in the middle of the hottest summer (so far), and I get annoyed, angry, frustrated, and impatient during a power cut. Don’t get me wrong, power cuts are nothing new to me but not as frequent and as long as what we are experiencing in the city these days. It gets soo hot, sweaty and sticky, even if we open the door and windows. Worst of all, I get migraine attacks.

* My dear, old laptop’s battery can last only for about 45minutes. Imagine when the power’s gone and I’m in the middle of completing my online work. That means I had to rush whatever I’m doing and hit the save button every now and then, or else… So dear fairy-blogmothers, I want a new laptop with a 10-hour batter capacity so in the future when we have power cuts again I know I will keep working because I know my laptop will not die on me. I think I saw an online coupon from a site that allows shoppers to spend less at 6pm.com. I wonder if it’ll work with purchasing a brand-new laptop?

*I’m not really complaining about the power cuts all the time. I busied myself with other things to do to turn the negative (powercut) into positive. I’ve been doing other things lately, like arranging my cabinet (yes! Hahaha), crafting (mostly crocheting and stamping for the first time) and I also started thrift-hunting for the kitchen. I’m happy to say that I’ve made progress with my crocheted project, a pair of Mary Jane slippers, which you will find in my crafts blog. Also, I’ve been lucky to score great thrift finds for my kitchen every time I troop to the thrift shop – assorted Pyrex bake wares and fine bone china table wares. The pictures and stories behind the purchases are all posted to my thrifting blog. You can find the links to these two blogs in my sidebar 🙂

Come to think of it, I’d gotten used to power cuts in a matter of time. I’m slowly organising my daily schedule around the it. I do the laundry very first thing in the morning. If I get lucky, I’d finish one cycle before 9am when the power goes out usually. Congratulate me. Bleh.

That’s all for now, folks.

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