Project Mary Jane slippers, shelved

Three days ago I started my first project for this year, a crocheted Mary Jane (MJ) slippers. I found a pattern online and immediately rolled up my sleeves and gathered the materials:

Yarns (acrylic wool) of contrasting colours, a 5mm crochet hook, and a scissor. Not shown in the pic are the buttons and the blunt needle (to attach the button to the slippers). The pattern is free from The Little House by the Sea.

I do not have the pure cotton yarn (or the recommended alternative Aran weight yarn) as required so I substituted with acrylic wool. I used the pink yarn for the sole and toe cap (and dark green for the edging) but stopped half-way through as I thought pink gets dirty so easily. So I changed to the red-black colour combination that you see from the finished product below:

Left slipper. I still need to attach a button. I wonder when can I find cotton yarns to complete this project 🙁

I love the red-black combination. The pattern (from the Little House by the Sea) was very easy to follow as it only involves chains, double-crochets (single-crochets if you’re American), and dc2tog (that’s double-crochet two stitches together). According to the specifications of the pattern-maker, the finished product will fit UK size 4-6.5 (EU size 37-39.5, US size 6.5-9).

Unfortunately, the left slipper I finished turned out waaay smaller than expected. BUT it did fit my left foot, but only just, and, my toes are crunched up. Could this mistake be because of my “tension” (too tight grip on the hook and yarn)? Or could it be because I used a different yarn material? Could be both, for all I know. Oh dear, lesson learned for me here. Next time, I’ll use only the materials, especially the yarns, required.

So now, I didn’t go on to make the right slipper, which is really a bummer, considering I finished one half of the pair in just one afternoon. I was excited to embark on this crochet project as I love the idea of wearing this at home! I’ll try to scout around for cotton yarns here in Phnom Penh, which I think is close to impossible because all the yarns I see here are  acrylic wool 🙁

Anyone out there willing to help me? Send me cotton yarns? hehehe. I’d appreciate any leads as to where I can find cotton crochet yarns here in Phnom Penh.

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