Signs, signs: Friendship Mission

Errrrmm… hello, blog!

It’s been awhile, isn’t it? More than a month.

Aside from a personal issue, I also concentrated on work, preparing for the friendship mission between Cambodia and Singapore.

Signs Operation Smile Cambodia-Singapore Friendship Mission

So no blogs, no tweets, and no Facebook. I swear that after the personal issue has been resolved and that the last mission volunteer has left the country, I think that I shall never go back to my online activities again. But I imagine how much heartbreak it will cause to all my two avid readers, so …

I am back yet again.
Before I see any of you rolling your eyes… I know, I know… I’ve been saying this over and over but, hey, at least I’m not giving up entirely.


4 thoughts on “Signs, signs: Friendship Mission

    1. Hey, ECL. It was a success!
      This mission – although my first time with SG volunteers – is actually the fifth mission between Operation Smile Cambodia and Singapore. The volunteers are all awesome and I’m already looking forward to our 6th mission next year 😀

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