Signs, signs: Fun

Since I am tied down to where am I right now and in the throes of a consultancy work, my husband and I have actually never gone away for holidays recently. Not that we don’t want to, it’s just that there’s always some reason that keeps us from going away at the very last minute.

So for now, while waiting (again) for the right time, let me just indulge in an armchair travel. So let’s continue with the sign from Phuket, Thailand… in Patong Beach.

Patong Beach is the busiest, most crowded, most popular beach in Phuket. I know, I’ve been there in 2008.

There is something to do for everyone that guarantees fun and excitement – food, spa, various recreational activities and shopping! The sign below grabbed my attention. It is just one of the many that I saw that are set into the footpath on the streets of Patong. To me, it evokes beach, sun, sand and a whole lot of fun. Don’t you think so?

signs patong beach

At night, the atmosphere is vibrant, pulsating, mesmerising. The kind that draws you in. However, in some parts of Patong, is another story. There’s another brand of fun (read: seedy) that goes on there. It actually puts off many tourists.


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