Signs, signs: Tsunami warning

I went to Phuket with my husband in 2008, nearly four years after the devastating tsunami that hit the island.

What happened there (and in Sri Lanka) in 2004 was something unimaginable – I wasn’t there but saw most on TV. Four years after the tsunami, I set foot in Phuket’s beaches – Nai Harn, Kata, Karon, Patong. Imagine walking on these beautiful beaches… There were already new establishments that replaced the old ones that was destroyed by the tsunami. It felt odd. I couldn’t help it but my mind was racing thinking about hundreds and thousands of people that drowned and died under water. You couldn’t help it because the signs of devastation were still around…

Anyways, I wonder if this sign was put up before the tsunami hit, or after.

signs tsunami evacuation route sign


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