Sreisaat renaître

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. As the title suggests, this blog has been resurrected after years in hiatus.


My name is Sreisaat. It means pretty lady in the Khmer language. It’s actually one of the first few Khmer words I learned upon my arrival here more than a decade ago, second only to chum riep soo (how are you) and okorn charaen (thank you).

I am based in the capital, Phnom Penh, here in the Kingdom of Cambodia, with occasional trips to the provinces for field work. Prior to the organisation I am currently working in, I’ve worked in many of the international and local NGOs here, involved in environmental awareness and advocacy, community-based natural resource management, rural ICT4D, women, and the media. I took a sabbatical that lasted several years to focus on my personal life and realised it was a huge mistake. Being at home with nothing to do is not doing me any good, so I ventured outside of home and found myself joining the world of the employed again.

Life as a solo expat can be boring sometimes, homesick, at most, but never lonely and dull. Instead of sulking and moping and griping about the state of my homesickness, I descend upon “brand” (thrift shops) stores everywhere in the city, hunting treasures that were already discarded – books, knick-knacks and what-have-yous. Or, scour the markets for the hard-to-find yarns, crochet hooks, fabrics, and arts and crafting tools and materials. You can also find me in a coffee shop, quiet and totally immersed, practicing calligraphy or reading a book, or out on the streets taking photos or urban sketching solo of anything that catches my fancy. The photos would be later on printed and the sketches reproduced in watercolour in my Hobonichi journal.

So, welcome to my site. If you share the same geekiness with me, I definitely want to hear from you and see your projects, too. So, please, leave comments and your blog links or send me a message via my Contact Page any time so we could start a blog roll!