Stash-Buster Challenge 2013: Project #1, Crochet hearts

Last week I signed up for the Stash-Buster Challenge 2013 over at Lana de Ana’s site. Well, I was already preparing to crochet something when the news of my sister’s pregnancy came out, I got so excited that I forgot all about it.

So I have this box full of yarns, yes? There are a lot of things I want to do for the challenge and it’s difficult to select an idea or a project to do first. But since it is February and Valentine’s day is tomorrow, I decided to make mini-hearts. I found a very simple love-heart pattern via Google search and after two practices, I was crocheting non-stop!  Look how many mini-hearts I made?

stashbuster challenge 2013 crochet mini hearts applique

Who doesn’t love hearts? They’re tiny but cute and they can be used in various ways, like an applique to use on your sewing projects or embellishments to your craft projects, glued or sewn onto a card for a sweet Valentine’s card, or even as cute decorations in your room or even a Valentine’s party?

Now that I have enough hearts, I wonder what am I going to do with it? Luckily for me, there is Pinterest that offers a lot of inspiration. I’ll post what I decided to do with the mini-hearts a little later. (UPDATE: Here’s what I did with the mini-hearts!)If these were yours, what would you do with them?


stash buster1


12 thoughts on “Stash-Buster Challenge 2013: Project #1, Crochet hearts

  1. Ooh I’ve been making hearts too as part of the challenge! I can’t share mine until after tomorrow though…it’s a surprise 😉 Congrats to your sister too! Now you have a little baby to get busy making for! That will help clear out your stash in no time!

    1. Thank you , Hannah. It’s her second child and eight years in the making, lol You are right, my list for the challenge has changed to accommodate making stuff for the little one. I’m excited to see what you did with your crochet hearts 🙂 Photographing my project is proving to be a challenge though. I’ll post a pic tomorrow as well 🙂

      1. I can’t wait to see! I’m also crocheting for little ones to bust my stash but quite accidentally! A friend of a friend is a photographer and needed baby photo shoot props so my friend recommended me for it so I am busy crocheting baby hats…a nice unexpected project that is helping me cut down my stash!

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