Skills training for medical professionals

I received a call from an unexpected source the other day and the person on the other end of the line is hinting on a possible employment. After years of being a stay-at-home-wife, the idea of working again is a huge welcome. While I am excited at the prospect, going back to work makes me nervous and meeting this person in a week’s time is quite nerve-wracking… I had long forgotten how to “sell” myself to an employer. Maybe I need something like a consultant interview course to give me that important push to face {again} a panel of people and be in the challenging world of the employed again. What do you think? No harm in a little professional development.

A cousin of mine, J, based in the UK, has a doctor-friend who she tells us is a go-getter and really wants to be successful in his profession, to be always a step ahead. While working as a doctor in a London hospital, my cousin’s friend took up a medical management course from a reputable medical training company in the UK. Almost after his completion of the said course, the doctor was promoted and is now enjoying the challenges and privileges of his new position at the hospital where he currently works. There are also doctors in their hospital who are taking a medical teaching course. J is a nurse and constantly wish  for a similar program for nurses and other health care professionals. He might even consider the teach the teacher course if the opportunity to study comes sometime.