Hey there, I’m blogging again! YAY!
I thought I wouldn’t let the holidays go by without posting something. So here it is.

We’re having a really nice, cool temperature in Phnom Penh these past few weeks. A fine weather, really, and our teapot is working round the clock. At the rate we are going, we’re going to exhaust the contents of the gas tank before the month (or shall I say, year?) ends.

Hey, remember a classmate who belong to the other group of kids who waited till it’s the last possible moment before it’s too late to begin a course work or a project? Well, I was one of them. Years have passed and nothing’s exactly changed (I can hear my mum talking here, lol). I still live up to the eleventh-hour and it’s one thing that I hate/love about myself, tee-hee-hee. So, at the last minute, I decided to send handmade Christmas cards to family and a few friends across the seas. My husband just shook his head knowing the fate of mails during the holiday season but it’s something I really wanted to do.

Inspired by a friend, I decided to create greeting cards with my own hand. I’ve seen how elegant my friend’s handwriting was – oh, the playful swirls and flourishes that just scream beautiful calligraphy. The lettering geek in me got envious and prompted me to teach myself how to write like that.

I bought a cheap fountain pen, a bottle of ink and a sketch pad at a Chinese store in Tuol Kork and started writing. To my utter horror, I feared someone would throw rocks at me for having an ugly handwriting! I think the use of computer has changed my handwriting into its current deteriorated state so how can I do calligraphy now? The answer, my friends, is practice. I practiced more and more, albeit delaying further the making of the cards. Imagine my delight when I discovered a lot of tutorials and practice sheets over the Internet! I practiced even more, writing an hour in the morning and another in the afternoon, and one more hour before I go to bed, for a couple of weeks. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what that is.

After so many wasted paper and spilled ink, I think my hard work is paying off – I am seeing improvements! With this, I found my confidence and, with only a few days before D-day, I started making the cards. I just hope and pray they arrive in their respective destinations…

Two pencils taped together and a felt-tipped marker are great to practice the uncials with.
Practing my As and Bs in copperplate.
Some more scribbles. You can do this over and over and over again.
The Internet is a treasure trove of calligraphy tools and resources. The practice sheet is from The Postman's Knock. Click the photo to go to the site.
Quotes to ponder.
Writing again and again.
The final output.
My early attempt at writing on envelope.
card and lined envelope
My handmade card and DIY lined envelope.

I am still learning though and I find it very therapeutic. I’m going to hone further my handwriting, rather my calligraphy skills, this time with the proper calligraphy tools. You know, nibs, holders, ink, the works! While I do not expect to have any wedding commissions to deal with or make pocket money out of this, I think calligraphy is a lovely, personal touch to handmade cards for any occasion. And boy, oh boy, it feels really good when you create something by hand. What was the last thing you made by hand?

Oh, and before I go… here’s wishing everybody the happiest holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We don’t really have any specials plans for Christmas day but we’ll see which way the wind blows.

Photo Hunt 077: Escape

Today, at the Barcamp Phnom Penh, I spent the whole day wearing my geek hat. It’s a big gathering of Internet and technology geeks from near and far at the University of Puthisastra. I think it is also a collective excuse to wear our geek pride in our sleeves and escape to geek heaven.

Alrighty, geeks. Follow the sign.

Group pictures from here on…

Live blogging and tweeting is the order of the day.
A lot of participants like this. Btw, coffee there is free-flowing as well.

Some more pictures from the Barcamp Phnom Penh Facebook Page:

Nexus-7-Front-ViewAnd while BarCamp Phnom Penh is sort of a convention of geeks, hackers and techno-preneurs, I am not surprised to see that a lot of the participants are owners of the latest models of gadgetry – smartphones, tablets (like this one on the right), laptops, as well as digital cameras, both the point-and-shoot and the kick*ss DSLRs used by professionals. Looking at my trusty, old point-and-shoot digicam and AcerOne laptop, I feel so inferior in the sea of tablets, DSLRs, and smartphones. Lol. I want one similar to this.

Eventhough I have this great interest in technology and in how people use and get benefit from it (I was even involved in a rural ICT Project in the country), it is only the first time today that I attended the BarCamp Phnom Penh. I did receive invitations since its first event but somehow I didn’t get to participate. I was happy to meet a few bloggers and people in my Facebook and Twitter lists IRL. Today, I shook hands with a few of them whose names I only attach mental images of, like Bun Tharum and Santel Phin of

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