Jar of hearts and other heart stuff

So this is an update of yesterday’s post.

Yesterday, I ended my post with a picture of crochet mini hearts and left a question about how am I going or what am I going to make of them.

I draw my inspiration from Pinterest and a host of other fantastic craft blogs out there. But the thing about these sites is that there are too many beautiful stuff and I end up ooh-ing and ahh-ing at other people’s boards for hours and hours… which doesn’t really help me at all because the more time I spent pinning what interests me on my boards, the more I can’t follow or do what I’ve pinned because I’m buried deep in the images! Lol.

Anyways, going back to what I made out of the mini-hearts… I managed to rein myself and actually finished some things to show you, guys. I kinda like the slide-show feature here at WP, so enjoy the slideshow 😛

Crochet mini-heart buntings
The crochet heart buntings. It was difficult to photograph them. Please excuse the messy background, this is like our workshop where all the crafting and DIY actions happen. And that's my dog there, if you can spot her 😉
Crochet mini hearts bookmarks
Mini-bookmarks, hand-drawn, with baker's twines and washi tapes. Can also be used as gift tags.
Love is all we need Valentine's card, 2013
Jar of hearts. The mason jar is hand-drawn using a metallic pen and a coloured pen, and I glued the hearts onto the card.
You Have My Heart, Valentine's card, 2013
And this one's for my husband. Hand-stamped V-day card with crochet heart applique.

The buntings actually look nice but I have to find a better spot for it. I think the hearts are too small so I’m going to make another batch of bigger hearts to add to that.

Well, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. My husband and I are not really big on V-day but we appreciate the holiday. Loving gestures, in my opinion, should be every single day. And I believe you don’t save them up for just one day.

See you all again next… post. Lol.

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Halloween is here!

Are you up for it?

Although it is not a holiday here, Halloween and Halloween parties are becoming popular every year, largely attributed to the huge expat community in Phnom Penh. It is basically an American holiday and, mind you, the parties are really the talk-of-the-town the morning after.

Anyways. I could not let this pass without making something. I made some Halloween gift tags and treat bags!

Halloween tags, perfect accessory for the Halloween treat bags.
Aren’t they spook-tacular? Lol. Sorry, can’t help it.

The treat bags are so easy to make.
I used the glassine paper which was bought last year. Glued the sides and used scalloped scissors to cut the edge for a more decorative look. I printed the jack-o-lantern and coloured it with a colouring marker. Then I used three different coloured yarns to tie it up. For the other treat bag I used a black card stock as a band. The “trick or treat” were handwritten, so were the little bats, using my metallic pen. Looks good, isn’t it? I love the black cat and the decorative border! I guess orange works great with black.

So tomorrow, the treat bags will be in use. My husband’s class requested to do a Halloween “special” class and it would include a “trick or treat portion”. Hopefully, the kids will like the treat bags as much as what’s inside of them 🙂

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!