A day with Dylan

A blogger-friend from Manila recently came to the Penh for a visit. There’s excitement and, of course, this normal jittery feeling about meeting someone for the first time. Although we know each other though blogging – and clicked very well – for more than 3 years already, it was the  first time Dylan and I met face-to-face, so, really, I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily for me, my good friend PinayWife was also there but my coming late (stuck in traffic for over an hour)  didn’t help ease the jitters. It added more, to be honest that I considered wearing a brown  bag over my head.

So they – PinayWife and Jogels, also meeting for the first time – waited for me at the coffee shop while I was stuck in a traffic jam, slowly melting like ice cream under the baking sun, for what seemed like eternity. The moment I arrived at the meeting place and stepped inside,  almost in tears out of embarrassment (for being so mega-late), I saw two smiling faces and a pair of wide open arms waiting for a hug. Now at that moment snippet of a Whitney Tyson’s song played in my head… “… I wanna ruuuuuuun to you, woo-hooo….” Lol. That made me laugh; it also banished my nervousness, and put me at ease right away.

Dylan specifically requested that we take him to the UK motherships (lol) that he has heard us rave about. Well, even if it was hot and humid, and the UK mothership is a tuktuk ride across town, we did! We also had a grand time having ourselves photographed in the middle of secondhand restaurant equipment and supplies section of the Sakura thrift shop. To cap it all, we got ourselves some really nice stuff, like that enviable Christian Aujard black leather backpack that Dylan snagged for only a dollar or two.

Over lunch at our favourite Trasak Paem Restaurant at Street 63, it was difficult to stop laughing and sniggering about all the “poignant” topics we covered that day.

Dylan is so natural and uproariously funny! PinayWife and I enjoyed our time with him. I think he is destined for more poshness and wonderful things in the future, especially for the UFOs and the pelicans, lol. He promised to come back next time and, already, PinayWife and I know exactly what to do and where to go next time. Right, mamang and manay? 🙂