Dress up, dress down

I have been looking at a lot of online shopping sites because since going back to work after a long time, most of my work clothes were either too small for me or too old to be worn again.

I admit that although I’m no stranger to online shopping as I’ve done several hauls in the past two years, I’m still a greenhorn compared to some people I know. *wink-wink*

dress first black princess scoop neck with ruffle lace prom dressWhen my brother was scheduled to get married last year, I browsed through loooots of online shops hoping to find the one dress to buy for the occasion, if not, just gather some style ideas. There were plenty, I tell you, and all of them were too hard to resist. DressFirst is one of the sites I visited (and bookmarked) and, I must admit, I just could not stop staring longingly at the beautiful wedding gowns and dresses there, particularly the fun styles and colours appropriate for special occasions.

How I wish online shopping was already thought of back when I was younger, it would have spared my mum of the stress that went with  finding nice Prom dresses for her daughters. I mean, just look at this dress… a floor-length A-line/Princess scoop-necked prom dress with ruffle lace. So elegant, so classic. Had I been so enthusiastic about dresses, I would’ve picked this one.

vava-voom red strappy shoes from dressfirst

And since I have posted here my choice for a Prom dress, let me continue with dressing up (virtually, that is) and hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not a fashion expert nor am trying to be one. I’m only posting this because the thought of online shopping for clothes this day and age has become more convenient as we have a lot of choices and sources.

So here’s what I like, still from the Dressfirst site – et voila! Va-va-voom, isn’t it? It’s a modern ballroom shoes in sparkling red leatherette glitter heels. The heels are not that high and pointed and I think I’ll survive a night of dancing and prancing with these gorgeous shoes on.

However, on normal days, I only get dressed up for work. And I actually don’t think about what others are going to think or say or react when fashionistas and fashionista-wannabes see me. Thank you for the kind attention but I don’t have time to stop by and answer your questions.