Stampin’ Sreisaat

This is what’s keeping me from blogging at the moment… STAMPING! I’m a bit of a late-bloomer when it comes to stamping but I’ve always been doing crafting way back.

Last month, I bought a mini stamping set via Etsy and I am so crazy about it right now. The rubber stamp set is made in Korea… aren’t they cute?

{Kawaii} {Cute} I am such a sucker for everything kawaii. Are you?
{Kawaii} {Cute} I am such a sucker for everything kawaii. Aren’t you?

I’ve been trying all sorts of mail art using this stamp set but they’re too small for my liking and I need more designs to play with. Too bad there are no craft or hobby shops in Phnom Penh to get the materials I need. Purchasing online is great but it could get more expensive and my wish-list of crafting materials and tools is long!

Anyways, I might explore the local shops that make rubber stamps near my place. I’ll sketch a design and see if they can make it or not. Rubber art stamps is probably not even heard of here so I’ll see what I can find. Keeping my fingers crossed.