Of spaces, illusions and colours

I think it was in the last days of November or early December when I noticed that the long stretch of pristine white wall of the French Embassy along Monivong Boulevard (just before the roundabout leading to the Japanese bridge) was no more.

The embassy’s outer wall has been filled with a colourful series of photographs, much to my delight.  They were pleasing to the eyes! Then it suddenly hit me. It’s the time of the year again… it’s the Photo Phnom Penh Festival! So I hurriedly snapped photos of the wall even if I was in a moving vehicle. Only these two came out decently:

This photo was originally uploaded to my photo-blog.

I had to do some edits on the photos because otherwise they don’t do justice to the mural. When I first took photos of the wall, there was no information yet about who the artist is.

This photo was originally uploaded to my photo-blog.

I later learned that the Photo Phnom Penh Festival opened last week, on Dec 8. When I passed by the Embassy again just this week, the information on the artist, Georges Rousse, was already there.

Here’s a brief bio about this talented monsieur:

Born in 1947, Georges Rousse discovered photography at age 9, when he received a Kodak Brownie flash camera that he still uses. Also a painter, a sculptor and an architect, he is especially fond of abandoned places, whose space he makes his own. The author of numerous personal and collective works, Rousse has unceasingly traveled the world: New York, London, Vienna, Montreal, Arles, Milan, Islanbul, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Bhaktapur (Nepal), Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Phnom Penh, Brussels, Jerusalem, Bangkok, Geneva, etc.

His artworks on display demonstrate plays of space, of visual illusions, of colours that redesign the world, of a viewpoint assertion. A jubilant reflection on how we are trapped by image and by perspective and a proposal for an ongoing re-reading of architecture, of abandonment or obsolescence, to which theme he gives new life. On this occasion, he’s back in Phnom Penh especially to complete a new image, “Phnom Penh 2012.”Source

I have yet to go see the other photo exhibits. {Note to self: bring Miss Iggy. She loves photo exhibits, too.}The works of other participating local and foreign artists are exhibited in other locations like the MetaHouse, Institut Français du Cambodge, Sisowath Quay, just to name a few. Click here for the complete list of venues. The exhibit runs until the end of December.

Last year, I was also able to take a photo of the Embassy wall filled with the works of Denis Darzacq as part of PPPF 2011. I really admire talented people such as him and Georges Russo as well as the the initiative behind the yearly PPPF.