Stash-buster Challenge 2013, Project #6: Vintage rose doily

This week’s featured project is this vintage rose doily that I finished sometime ago. I gave this as a present to a fellow Postcrossing member from Netherlands who, with her whole family, came to Cambodia for their Christmas holiday last year. I think I made the right choice – it’s light, doesn’t take up much space in her baggage, and most of all, she (like me) loves anything and everything handmade!

This lovely rose doily is one of the first things I learned from my mother.  From the doily down to the roses and leaves, my Mum taught me all of these (and a lot more) decades ago, including how to attach the leaves to the roses, and the roses to the doily.

stash-buster challenge 2013 round rose doily
I recently made this for a Postcrossing friend who came to Cambodia for a holiday. Proudly handmade by yours truly, Sreisaat.

If you ask me where did the pattern come from, that I do not know and my mum already forgot where she got it from. I did a Google-search — et voila! You can find the pattern all over the Internet!


stash buster1