Welcome to Crafting with Sreisaat!

You have just landed at the new home of Sreisaat Crafts, which I renamed to Crafting with Sreisaat.

It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog. Mainly, I have been busy with a lot of OTHER things but I have managed to work on this one earlier this year and finally – and thankfully! –¬† move it here in WordPress about a month ago.

As is with my other blogs that I moved from Blogger to WP, it was a tedious, trial and error process  but along the way, with me being nowhere near a web designer/expert, the learnings I gathered are very valuable.

So Crating with Sreisaat is up and running now via WP platform and I expect to post regularly (*insert anti-jinx here*) from hereon despite the obvious need for code-tweakings (some customisation bits, e.g., header, navigation bar, etc.) . I’ll definitely be adding more content (slowly, but surely), perhaps put a gallery or sorts (if the theme allows), and what-have-yous.

By the way, the background you see is one of the five bundled cute wallpapers from My Crafting Den. I have already downloaded most of her kits there I’m probably the topnotch “download-er” of her freebies! I know, I’m el cheap-o (LOL) but I could not resist the cheery vibe of this design.

*Update: Crafting with Sreisaat was consolidated with my other (this) blog, Sreisaat Adventures, in June 2013.