The search for coffee mugs

Last Saturday, yobo (da husband) and I spent some time to look for coffee mugs. When it comes to coffee mugs, yobo prefers it big. As in huge, almost like an arinola (lol). Actually we both like large coffee mugs because you can put/drink a lot of coffee (or tea) in it.


So off we went to many shops when yobo’s absolute favourite (and already old) mug broke. We checked Tuol Tumpong market, Aeon mall, and other shops but, unfortunately, we could not find something we like. The mugs in stores were too small for our liking. We returned home empty-handed so I immediately went online and obsessively searched for the ONE. There were mugs that I like in shops like dept 56 but I’m not sure how much I’d be charged for customs tax when shipped to Cambodia.

Finally, someone told us about this Japanese thrift shop along Russei Keo. To make the story short,┬áthere we found what we’re looking for the other day. Except that they don’t have handles because they’re Japanese mugs, hahaha. The Japanese don’t put handles because, according to my friend, if it is too hot to hold, then, it is too hot to drink. But that’s okay, we found the right size, anyway! We want giant mugs because we love coffee (and tea!). There’s also something about drinking it in a perfectly-sized and pleasantly-designed mug that makes the whole experience better. How about you, do you prefer big mugs? With or without handles?

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