Signs, signs: Hiding

Did you see my dog?

Pet Humour Red Dog
Someone didn’t want to be seen.

This was months ago and my dog, Red, was just over two months old.
I was looking for him as I realised it had been quiet so suddenly in the veranda where I let him play. I called him; no Red. I kept on calling him. Over and over. Till I found him here. Called him again but he just wouldn’t budge. I guess someone didn’t want me to find him. Oh well.


Photo Hunt: Rock

In this week’s Photo Hunt I am reminiscing the time I traveled to Sri Lanka back in 2002. It was work-related but I had this good intention of mixing business and pleasure, so to speak. After the conference ended, I met up with my Sri Lankan friend for a week-long road trip!

One of the most memorable stops we had was a popular tourist attraction in Dambulla.
Rising about 200ms up the amazing green plains of central Sri Lanka is the gigantic, flat-topped rock called Sigiriya. Once a stronghold of Sri Lanka’s rogue King, its extraordinary beauty and historical and cultural significance have made it today a World Heritage Site. Very much like Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, it is the source of national pride of Sri Lankans.

Lonely Planet says it is not only one of the most impressive geological formations in the island-country of Sri Lanka, but also one of its greatest archaeological legacies. You can find more info here.

wordless wednesday sigiriya rock sri lanka

Unfortunately, as I have a bad case of vertigo, I did not dare climb up to the top 🙁 Instead, I took pleasure in exploring the royal gardens and lakes at the base of the rock as well as several ancient temple ruins. To this day, I regret not trying. And who wouldn’t be? The thousand-year old (perhaps older!) ceiling frescoes are out of this world and well preserved as if they were just done recently and the view from the top – breath-taking! If given another chance to make another trip – I’d surely re-visit Sigiriya and re-claim what I had missed!


Photo Hunt 079: Sassy enough?

I was on a thrift-hunting adventure with a friend not too long ago when I found (and took a photo of) this sassy hot pink ensemble, of which I promptly posted to my thrift blog.

So, what do you think?

A kooky pink mini-dress and matching pair of boots with faux fur. Fierce, or, hideous?

The fabric is soft and silky that I enjoyed running my fingers through the material, imagining who wore this before and for what occasion was it used. The ankle-boots have dangerously  high heels but they were still in good condition. For the ensemble, it was priced at a whopping – what for it – $12 (US).

I didn’t dare put this on but it looks like it clings to anybody’s curves. Also with its short length, there’ll be lots of leg exposure to the maximum level. Add to that the striking colour — I’m sure everyone’s head will turn.No, I didn’t buy them, of course. Pink isn’t my colour, honestly, but even if it does, it is not my type. I do not have the guts to wear them. Nope, not even for a Halloween party, lol. But there’s this little voice inside my head telling me that this pink ensemble was probably pre-owned by someone like Elle Woods, if not Elle Woods (of the movie Legally Blonde) herself. Remember this movie (pic, right)?