Wordless Wednesday #59: Modern-day neary Khmer (Khmer woman)

modern day Cambodian hero

A female Khmer de-miner with her partner, an Alsatian sniffer-dog. She’s one of the many female members of the Cambodian de-mining team that participated in last Sunday’s 55th anniversary celebration of Cambodia’s Independence from France. To me, she represents the modern-day Khmer woman. Brave, independent, hard-working and yet remaining true and respectful to the ideals of being a Cambodian.

Cheyor, neary Khmer!
Cheyor, Kampuchea!

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #59: Modern-day neary Khmer (Khmer woman)

  1. I haven’t heard the term Kampuchea in years. In fact, if it hadn’t been in context I probably wouldn’t remember what it referred to. Nice job on the spot color… a bit different from the usual, but a nice effect nonetheless!

    Good looking dog too!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Jams, you are very right – the dangers are so real and so in your face that I do not know how these deminers are able to concentrate. Thank heavens, I haven’t heard of any fatality yet and I pray I won’t.

    Mojo, actually Cambodians use Kampuchea more often in the country. Cambodia, being the English equivalent, is used more by expats/foreigners.

    Hi, l.a.. Thanks for visiting. If I am not mistaken, Alsatians are also known as German shepherds 🙂

  3. Impressive. What courage it must take to do that kind of work. Total respect!

    I like what you did with this image, too.

    P.S. There’s a surprise for you here. ;-}

  4. I think she would look more pretty in another outfit ! I hate everything looking military in all countries of the world !
    She must have a tough job looking for mines and there are probably still a lot !

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