Wordless Wednesday #63 : Sadhus of Nepal

sadhus of nepal

These are some of the sadhus I met while sightseeing in the ancient city of Bakhtapur, just outside Kathmandu. Initially, I got scared when I first saw them -thick, matted dreadlocks and ochre body paints – but I was later told they were totally harmless. The sadhus are generally revered for their holiness, having chosen to leave behind the material world to focus on their spiritual perfection, however, there are some sadhus who are feared for their curses. Do you know what Khumbh Mela is? This is a mass gathering of all sadhus in (one of the four points along) the sacred rivers of India and it happens only once every three years.

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #63 : Sadhus of Nepal

  1. Thanks, guys.
    They are generally revered, but there are a few that arouses suspicions and fear. A sadhu’s life may be rugged and many are deterred from being one, however, they have a unique and important positions in the Indian and Nepali societies.

    Luna, the sadhus’ practices or rituals vary – but, believe it or not, most have the obligatory early morning bath followed by prayers and meditation.

  2. they must wake up very early or really skilled and fast in putting on that “appearance” if they have to take a bath very morning!… but i guess that’s a small “sacrifice” compared to the life they left behind…

    in any case, these are great photos! i thought they are statues, especially the one on the left 🙂

  3. I can see why you might have been a little frightened of these guys at first. I think I would be, too. Interesting info and fascinating portrait shots.

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