16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #74: Freak weather

  1. Hey friends, thanks all for dropping by!

    Oh Bobbie, I would if I could! *lol*

    Pamela, yes, that’s the best thing we can do — just sit back and enjoy it. I have to admit I also complain when it gets very hot 🙂

    I love the rain and playing in the rain, Lori… as long as there are no lightnings and thunders!

  2. Jams, am looking forward to WWing again!@ Thanks 🙂

    Dora, we’ve pretty much stocked up on paracetamol and flu meds. But I guess warm lemonade will beat the cold rain and blues.

  3. Hi
    Many greetings from The Netherlands

    Its raining here also 🙁
    I’am waiting for the sun ^___^
    I like to now more from
    your country, it likes Beautiful:)
    greetz Anya
    purss Kareltje =^.^=

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