Still searching…

… it is clearly becoming a very long and frustrating search for the right template. It’s been weeks since I started revamping my blog and, up to now, no template has ever stepped up to the plate. Chos!

My search has led me to this one particular template (see previous posts). I was taken by its simplicity and elegance but, lo and behold, it didn’t work. No matter how many times I did what the the template author told me, the codes wouldn’t just work 🙁

What I want for a blog template is simple – a clean,  uncluttered template, preferably white.  I’m going for the minimalist, no-fuss look.  Any leads where I could get this kind of template? I’d appreciate any help.

Please bear with me for awhile, friends. You’ll still see me posting here, albeit the temporary template.  Meanwhile, I have to go now give another template I bookmarked last night a check up.

Must. Find. The. Bugs.

Not meant to be

This template, I mean:

Beauty & Clean 2011-07-23 00-16-48

Too bad the template author didn’t reply this time. I was taken by the simplicity and elegance of the template design and would have offered to donate some moolah to his paypal account for his  assistance but I haven’t heard from him since our online chat last Friday.

I’ve been putting off this for too long now it’s time to finally settle on a template (albeit temporarily) and resume blogging before my friends stopped coming here anymore. I guess some things are just not meant to be.

If the template author comes back and reads this, I want him to know that I am still open for talks.

UPDATE: Template author did reply and gave me instructions to trouble-shoot 😉

Burning the midnight oil

… trouble-shooting the errors in my new template.

As you can see the sidebar is not where it is supposed to be. I have tried the best I could – with my limited know-how – but all failed. As my last resort I emailed the guy behind dhetemplates, where I took this template from, and he responded promptly and very nicely.

Since 7pm, we were exchanging emails. I told him the problem and replied back on solutions. He was very kind to answer all my questions and offer solutions but up to now, past 12am, we still could not figure it out. As you can see, this template called Beauty and Clean, is a beautiful WordPress theme that the genius behind dhetemplates converted to Blogger.  Here’s a screenshot of the template:

Beauty & Clean 2011-07-23 00-16-48

It is clean, simple, and easy on the eyes so now you understand why I won’t give this template up that easily. No guts, no glory. ngyahahaha.

So since it is already past bedtime, we both agreed to continue trouble-shooting tomorrow. Very nice kid, you are. Terima kasih!

Gold Rush in my blog

yoda page rank I was checking out my page rank earlier today and was very happy to find out that this blog’s rank is back again after two years or so. Even though it is a rank lower than this blog had previously, I’m still grateful for its return. Thanks to Manong Gugel.

While I was looking at the analytics, I was surprised to see a surge in my traffic coming from searches for gold coins. While it is a welcome traffic (keep it coming, guys! heheeh) I’m not sure if they find any gold or posts about gold here.

Why the sudden search for gold, I wonder?  Perhaps it’s my post years ago about how my landlord and his wife were presented with gold as an engagement gift to their daughter on her engagement day. I didn’t see the actual gold though, sorry. In Cambodia, people prefers to invest more on gold. I learned from my landlord that after the Khmer Rouge was ousted in the country in 1979, there was no money as the Cambodian bank notes were abolished during the KR regime. Gold was their means of survival, they exchanged gold for rice and other goods. I didn’t ask if they had gold bars or gold nuggets though.

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend.

Image Source

Still testing the templates

My eyes are going to fall off any minute now. I’ve been tweaking codes since this morning but this is proving to be a more challenging task than I previously thought.

I have two templates installed in dummy blogs but I can’t seem to get things right. Hmm, what to do? These are my choice templates for this blog, tell me what you think:

On The Go « Live Preview Java Templates 2011-06-23 14-30-26

The above template is actually a premium theme for WordPress but some genius hacked and converted it into a Blogger template. I looooove this template, and a friend is also using this… hmmm…

Bueno Another Blogger Template 2011-06-23 14-28-48

And this one above I am currently using in my postcards blog but I can use and change to a different colour theme and make changes to fit my preference. What I love about this is that it’s simple, clean, easy on the eyes, and easily customisable unlike the one above. Even though I am drawn towards the first template, I think I’m going to go for this one, for now. What do you think?

I’ll give it a rest for now…
In other news, my childhood BFF (that’s bestfriend forever) Adonna (the same BFF I mentioned in the previous post) and I recently got in touch over Facebook after 30 long years! We were in the first grade when my family moved back to the province. We kept in touch through letters, but then it didn’t last long. Imagine the joy we felt when we found each other after three decades! She is now based in Canada, working as a nurse. It feels so surreal chatting with her. We made a half-joking, half-serious promise to see each other in London in 2012, if not in New York.  We don’t know if the plan would ever be realised  but, both of us being sports fans (hello, Rafael Nadal!), watching games live is one of things we would do. Oh, how I wish it would be this simple. I hope I’d win the lotto to be able to fly and meet her half-way!

Another change in the offing…

… again. Change in template, that’s what I mean. Blogger strikes again – lost all of my side bar links. I wasn’t even finished with my Postcards Crossing blog and here, again, the bug hit me. Why this thing happens, I definitely have  no idea. Blogger, please stop doing this to me. I’m tired looking for templates and tweaking codes again and again. Good thing I have two templates I previously bookmarked so I’m going to try them today. So if you see my blog in a state of disarray (again), that means I’m tweaking codes again (again).

Anyways, my childhood BFF is crazy over ice hockey – and I’m sure you know what happened after the Stanley Cup finals… the NHL season just ended with the Boston Bruins winning this year’s Stanley Cup ending their 39-year championship drought. Fans of the losing team, Vancouver Canucks, went on a riot. Talking about fanaticism… 

Fill-in-the-blanks friday: Vacation

After another long hiatus, I find myself returning to blogging here at Sreisaat Adventures. Again. I may be absent here for awhile but I am active in my other blogs. A fellow blogger who’s been checking this blog from time to time lamented my lack of posts and so I am taking the cudgels of blogging again so as not to disappoint her. lol. But honestly, it’s just what I needed to snap me out of this funk.

As a comeback entry, I am joining for the first time the Fill in the Blank Friday meme. The host, Lauren @ Little Thinsg We Do, will provide unfinished sentences every Friday, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. How fun is that? For more information about this Friday meme,, click the logo below. So here goes my answers:

1.  This weekend I’m looking forward to staying in and my husband and I will have our weekend DVD marathon again. Lots of movies lined up for this week 🙂

2. My last vacation was our wedding anniversary trip to Kep last year. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a trip to Kep (it is a coastal town in southern Cambodia) and I’m yearning to go back there SOON.

3. My next vacation will be — who knows when and where. We haven’t finalised our plans as of yet.

4. My favourite way to relax is watching movies or reading a book. Some friends told me it’s boring. I don’t care.

5. When vacationing one should always avoid organised group tours (always best to travel footloose and carefree!) and bring enough cash!

6. When vacationing one should never think about work nor worry about

7. The best part about vacation is there is no daily routine, no household chores, and  yes,  we can sleep in!

Khmer New year Give-away from PinayWifeSpeaks!

Would you like to have these beautiful Cambodian scarves?


  • Cambodian silk (2.5 metres) dark red with embroidery.  You can have this tailored to make a dress or long skirt or anything you fancy doing with them.
  • 2 Silk scarves in deep purple and dark red.

My friend PinayWifeSpeaks is celebrating her third year blog anniversary with fabulous giveaway items.  As the turnout was overwhelming, she announced recently that two more consolation prizes, also scarves but of different design and fabric, are  added. So if you’d like to have some Khmer souvenirs without actually leaving your house, head out to her blog, PinayWifeSpeaks. Hurry up, deadline is end of April!!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell PinayWifeSpeaks that you heard it from me  here at Sreisaat Adventures!


What can I say… may the new year bring us more blessings and opportunities to go, grow and glow! LOL. Seriously, let’s hope for the best to come this new year.

Did you notice my new template?
This kept me busy over the holidays, searching for templates, testing them on my dummy blogs, and tweaking codes to fit my preference. So far, I’ve managed to complete only one blog – and that’s for my Sreisaat Crafts blog. Go, have a look if you like, and tell me what you think 🙂

Anyways, this will be my template for this blog at the moment. I’m not 100% satisfied yet so expect this will change in the coming days. I’ll continue my search for the “it” template.

This is all for now…


UPDATE: Sreisaat Crafts is now shut down and all the posts there are now incorporated in this blog.