Skywatch Friday: The universe from my window

N.B. This is a late post – the photo was taken on the 2nd of April.
What a day! Work was a whirlwind and the weather was a scorcher. By the time I got home, I was ready to collapse. So, I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bag, and flopped onto my bed like a rag doll.

Just as I was about to drift off into dreamland, something unexpected happened. My curtain rod decided to take a tumble. But instead of being annoyed, I was struck by a sense of wonder. With the curtain pulled aside, I was given a front-row seat to a slice of the universe that had been hidden from me.

And oh, what a sight it was! The lace curtain fluttered like a delicate veil, revealing a world bathed in the magical hues of the setting sun. The rooftops stood tall, basking in the last rays of daylight. The distant sounds of the city – honking cars and chattering school kids – filled the air.

I found myself mesmerized by the view. It made me wonder how many such beautiful evenings I had missed in my rush to get things done. Today, it felt like the universe was nudging me awake, reminding me to appreciate the beauty in the overlooked corners of life.

Lying there on my bed, I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me. I was thankful for the fallen curtain rod that led me to this view, for the quiet room that let me hear the world outside, and for the reminder that life can surprise us when we least expect it.

It reminded me of a quote by William Saroyan, “The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.” Today, I found happiness in the unexpected, in the mundane, and in the overlooked. And it was beautiful.

So, I’ve decided to leave the curtain rod as it is, a little askew, a gateway to wonder. Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow? Maybe a bird on my windowsill or a rainbow after the rain. Life, it seems, is full of surprises, and today, I found solace in the unexpected magic through my window.

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How I met my new BFF in BTB

What kind of paranormal chu-chu is this?

Please note, I do get spooked easily. This morning, as I stepped out of the shower, I was greeted by the sight of one of the lamps in my hotel room swinging mysteriously! (I’m in Battambang, by the way.) Now, here’s the intriguing part: I don’t use a fan in the room, and the air conditioning was set to a comfortable 26°C (yes, i lowered the temp because, well, gors na).

My mind is racing with thoughts—Cambodian ghost stories, those tales of old guesthouses and hotels where inexplicable things happen. But wait, this place I’m in now is relatively new-ish, perhaps less than 5 years old. Could it be that I have a new friendly spectral BFF in BTB who enjoys swinging lamps? 🤔And there it goes, still swaying gently. Maybe it’s time for a friendly chat with my unseen BFF! 👻🤣

P.S. I sped up the video clip 2x.
P.S.2. BongsreiLui suggested I ask my new BFF for lucky lotto numbers while I’m at it.
P.S.3. My local colleagues suggested I light incense sticks and offer food and/or beer.
I’m definitely going to get drinks tonight and get wasted with my new BFF! LOL.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In the original Superman movie from 1978 (with Christopher Reeve), there’s a scene where Superman’s enemies – General Zod, Ursa, and Non— are locked up in the Phantom Zone that captivated me. This otherworldly prison is depicted as a plane of glass or mirror that glides through space. Imagine shards of glass suspended in the cosmic void, holding powerful enemies who crave escape. Their release becomes a key moment when Superman steps in to save Earth from a nuclear danger. This iconic scene sets the stage for the epic battle that unfolds in Superman II, where these baddies are accidentally let loose and pose a formidable challenge to our hero. (So, next time you encounter a mirror, remember: even reflections can harbor secrets! )

Me vs Me. OOTD for today’s cleaning chores.

Ever since I watched Superman, I’ve become convinced that my reflection is plotting something. I rarely take a selfie (or a mirror selfie for that matter). But every rare mirror selfie, to me, becomes a standoff: me vs. the mysterious doppelgänger trapped in a parallel universe of glass and silver staring back at me. Am I just being quirky – okay, weird 🙄 – or is my super-heroine (or super-villain) origin story unfolding? Or, maybe I’m just looking for a new challenge or adventure, just like the epic battle that ensues. Or maybe mirror selfies make me look good, with a bit of luck and good lighting, of course. 🤭

So here I am, while the rest of the world is celebrating Chinese new year, phone in hand, staring into a parallel universe where every reflection is a silent standoff between me and my glass-trapped twin. Is this the beginning of an epic year of the Dragon for me, or a proof that binge-watching superhero movies might be getting to my head? Stay tuned for future posts. The (Mirror) Selfie might strike back!