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  1. Hello from ITALY! Nice to meet You! My name is Matteo. I’m a teacher in some secondary Schools in the north part of Italy where I teach “History of Religions”. I’m very curious about Your Country, Cambodia. I saw Your profile on PostCrossing.

    I’m searching for LETTER PEN FRIENDS to exchange letters made of paper (real letters via postal mail, Real envelope, real stamps), POSTAL MAIL only… the good old pen friends with paper and envelope.

    Btw I’m typing my letters so I can write more on a sheet of paper, usually I write 3-4 sheets,but of course I send via Postal Service with envelope and a lot of stamps on it as I think that an enelope with nice postal stamps is a pleasure for our eyes. But I never judge the numbers of pages I receive, also 1 page is OK.

    I’m honest person NOT searching for money or what else. I’m here only to find people interested in exchanging letters with opinions, idea, culture… and of course I can add also PostCards… bookmarks… !

    Let me know if You might be interested. I hope we can begin a long term frienship made of several paper letters ahead.
    Have a nice day!
    Matteo A.

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