Stamping practice

In March, I received my first Papemelroti rubber stamp from my good friend GingMaganda. Since then I’ve been trying to set aside some time to practice stamping but I haven’t really found time to do so as I got preoccupied (again) by a short consultancy gig the past few months.

So over the Pchum Ben holidays here (it’s the Buddhist’s equivalent to the All Soul’s Day of the Christians), I took this opportunity to practice and put together simple stuff that are worthy of posting here, like these simple tags here ­čÖé So, what do you think? Puede ┬ána?

Ang taga-harana (the one who serenades). The baker’s twine is from Swann&Smerlin.

I think I’m going to colour the barong Tagalog┬ánext time. It will give a really different result. I wonder what the result would be if I stamp directly on a photo? The ink I’m using now may not be the right kind so I’m going to find a suitable one.

Stamps are so much fun and you can use them in different ways – for cards, scrapbooking and journalling, embellishing an otherwise plain gift wrapper, and so much more. I figured I need some more stamp designs so I hollered to my sister to send me some more. She lives in Angeles City where there is a mall that houses a Papemelroti shop. I can hardly wait for the stamps to arrive!

Filipiniana rubber stamp from Papemelroti

Korean art stamps are cute but they’re too tiny.

I mentioned in my other blog that, starting this year, I’m diversifying my interests. I just want to be busier and more productive this year, that’s all. For example, aside from crocheting and dabbling with digital scrap-booking, I’ve recently added stamping and paper-crafting to my “repertoire”. Although I’ve done a lot of paper crafting way back I haven’t done any stamping ever.

I first ordered this starter set from Etsy, right photo. I already had so many ideas in my head brewing in my head already. They’re cute and all but after several uses I find them challenging to use because they’re — well — tiny and the stamp relief is shallow that the background gets included when I stamp it on. So I thought perhaps bigger stamps with higher/deeper relief will have better stamp results. I was only waiting for the right time to order online when…

… I received this beauty three days ago direct from Manila. It’s from one of my {Miss Igorota} sisters, GingMaganda:

Now this (size) is more like it! I can now use this for both my paper crafting and Postcrossing activities.

I mentioned to GingMaganda about my new hobby and lamented the fact that I could not get any supplies here in Phnom Penh. GingMaganda, being nice and all, offered to send me some. The stamp is from Papemelroti, a popular specialty/crafts shop in the Philippines and my favourite since I was in highschool. I love the vintage Filipiniana vibe, don’t you? Their other products are equally awesome and earth-friendly, too, as most materials are recycled. Anyhoo, I’m very excited to play with this stamp and see what I can come up with while waiting for more stamp designs to arrive, as promised by my younger sister MamaGirl. I’ll post in the coming days the results of my “experimentation”.