How I met my new BFF in BTB

What kind of paranormal chu-chu is this?

Please note, I do get spooked easily. This morning, as I stepped out of the shower, I was greeted by the sight of one of the lamps in my hotel room swinging mysteriously! (I’m in Battambang, by the way.) Now, here’s the intriguing part: I don’t use a fan in the room, and the air conditioning was set to a comfortable 26°C (yes, i lowered the temp because, well, gors na).

My mind is racing with thoughts—Cambodian ghost stories, those tales of old guesthouses and hotels where inexplicable things happen. But wait, this place I’m in now is relatively new-ish, perhaps less than 5 years old. Could it be that I have a new friendly spectral BFF in BTB who enjoys swinging lamps? 🤔And there it goes, still swaying gently. Maybe it’s time for a friendly chat with my unseen BFF! 👻🤣

P.S. I sped up the video clip 2x.
P.S.2. BongsreiLui suggested I ask my new BFF for lucky lotto numbers while I’m at it.
P.S.3. My local colleagues suggested I light incense sticks and offer food and/or beer.
I’m definitely going to get drinks tonight and get wasted with my new BFF! LOL.

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