Skywatch Friday: Rainy Adventures

For this week’s Skywatch Friday, here’s a glimpse of the Bayon temple at the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap last taken last year. Trees burst from the ancient stones, and the moss-covered sculptures seem even more enigmatic under the dramatic sky.

The video above shows the temple courtyard where I stood. While I opted to admire the exterior during that time (I’ve seen them already before and those slippery grounds can be treacherous!), the rain truly creates a different atmosphere than visiting during the summer season. The sound of raindrops on the ruins is strangely calming, and the clouds add a touch of drama to the landscape.

Prior to Bayon temple, I explored Preah Khan first under a sky alive with rain! You can read my post about how Preah Khan Temple awakens in the rain.  The downpour only amplified the sense of adventure, making the exploration even more thrilling.

A Taste of Blueberry Season

I received this delightful postcard from Sipi in 2011, and I think it captures the essence of summers in Finland in a single image. It arrived early in July – just as the blueberry season was hitting its peak, according to Sipi.

The postcard is a charming illustration showcasing what makes Finnish blueberry picking special: the green woods, plump blueberries filling a traditional birch bark basket. It’s easy to imagine the nostalgia this might evoke for Finns living abroad.

Finland’s love affair with berries, especially with blueberries, runs deep. Sipi told me berry-picking is a national pastime for all ages, bordering on obsession for some! Their devotion is so strong that they’ve even featured blueberries on a postage stamp.

Posti Finland issued this stamp as a definitive with value equal to the first class postage. The design shows their beloved blueberries – on a cup and others till attached to the stems – and the traditional summer dish of blueberry pie.

Sipi had just enjoyed her first berries of the season when she sent the postcard, adding them to her morning muesli. She also reminisced about childhood days savouring them with milk and sugar – a simple pleasure we can all relate to. These personal touches make the postcard all the more heartwarming.

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Fiji dreaming, with a sunset postcard

Sunset perfection, casting that magical glow over the beach. Seriously, postcard perfection!

This postcard was sent by my awesome friend, Dylan, and is giving me some serious island-envy. Talk about breathtaking – those fiery colours and the calm ocean… it practically screams tranquility. Can you imagine being there, toes in the sand, watching this unfold in real life? Sigh.

This postcard is a double first for me! Not only is it the first (and maybe only?) one I’ve ever received from Fiji, but it’s also the inspiration for my very first entry in this week’s Thursday Postcards Hunt. That magical Fijian sunset is definitely postcard perfection, and it holds a special place in my collection for both reasons!