Dear noisy neighbour

Thank you for your eardrum-shattering performance last night.
Whilst I understand it is the Pchum Ben holiday, and karaoke parties are known to be a regular thing here, but you have chosen a perfect stage for your act – the whole stretch of our empty street which is surrounded by many apartment units with windows facing it.

While it is also true that most of the residents in our street left town, those of us who opted to stay to take advantage of the peace and quiet were, instead, subjected to excruciating musical renditions in the dead of the night. What’s more, all the dogs in the neighbourhood decided to jump into the karaoke party, too.

In particular, your spine-tingling solo rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song, brought tears to my eyes

My verdict? Terrible. Your singing is so atrocious it sounded like a braying ass. It kept me up all night.
Can we, the neighbors, claim compensation for bleeding eardrums at the sangkat, please?

I’m still here.

Suosdei and welcome to my blog.
After an extended break for more than three years, I’ve decided to resuscitate this blog and resume blogging again.

Life took some life-changing twists and turns – again, recently – and I feel like I’ve lost myself and my place in this world. I’m still in Phnom Penh, working in the development sector. The best years are yet to come, I believe, and about time to take back my life and find myself again one blog post at a time.

I want a fresh, clean slate to start over, so all the old posts are neatly filed and archived. When I get older when memories start to fade and forget details, the posts will be there, ready to be retrieved and re-read, at my bidding. <3

Meantime, I hope old blogger-friends find me here again and make new ones, too. Don’t be shy, say hello and I promise to do, too. <3