Mirror, mirror on the wall

In the original Superman movie from 1978 (with Christopher Reeve), there’s a scene where Superman’s enemies – General Zod, Ursa, and Non— are locked up in the Phantom Zone that captivated me. This otherworldly prison is depicted as a plane of glass or mirror that glides through space. Imagine shards of glass suspended in the cosmic void, holding powerful enemies who crave escape. Their release becomes a key moment when Superman steps in to save Earth from a nuclear danger. This iconic scene sets the stage for the epic battle that unfolds in Superman II, where these baddies are accidentally let loose and pose a formidable challenge to our hero. (So, next time you encounter a mirror, remember: even reflections can harbor secrets! )

Me vs Me. OOTD for today’s cleaning chores.

Ever since I watched Superman, I’ve become convinced that my reflection is plotting something. I rarely take a selfie (or a mirror selfie for that matter). But every rare mirror selfie, to me, becomes a standoff: me vs. the mysterious doppelgänger trapped in a parallel universe of glass and silver staring back at me. Am I just being quirky – okay, weird 🙄 – or is my super-heroine (or super-villain) origin story unfolding? Or, maybe I’m just looking for a new challenge or adventure, just like the epic battle that ensues. Or maybe mirror selfies make me look good, with a bit of luck and good lighting, of course. 🤭

So here I am, while the rest of the world is celebrating Chinese new year, phone in hand, staring into a parallel universe where every reflection is a silent standoff between me and my glass-trapped twin. Is this the beginning of an epic year of the Dragon for me, or a proof that binge-watching superhero movies might be getting to my head? Stay tuned for future posts. The (Mirror) Selfie might strike back!